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What is bunnyhopping?

What is 'bunnyhopping' and how do I do it? Bunnyhopping is the exploitation of a glitch within the Quake 1 game engine in which ANY class is able to move almost as quickly as a scout. This exploitation involves a lot of jumping and strafings. The first thing you'll need to know to perform bunnyhop is the proper jumping method. Try to learn how to perform a series of jumps. To do this press and hold your "jump" key in the middle of a jump. This will automatically 'queue' a jump for you so that when you land you'll immediately jump again. Every time you jump, press and hold "jump" to keep the series going. Now that we've got that out of the way, you can learn how to perform a running bunnyhop. Walk/run forward and gain some momentum. When you're moving at maximum speed, press "jump" and perform a series of jumps. You'll see that you're being propeled forward with no slowing down. Easy right? Now the hard part: turning. Turning during a bunnyhop actually has two uses: (1) it helps you turn corners at high speeds without any slowdown whatsoever; (2) it actually SPEEDS YOU UP. Do a running bunnyhop. Now to turn left, move your mouse LEFT and AT THE SAME TIME strafe LEFT. To perform a right turn, move your mouse RIGHT and AT THE SAME TIME strafe RIGHT.

"Couldn't load gfx/palette.lmp" What does this error mean?

If you're getting this error it means your pak files are missing, or in the wrong directory. Make sure your pak files are located in your "id1" folder. Pak files come with the original quake install. You can purchase quake on steam.

What is the most popular quake client?

The most popular quake client is Ezquake. About 90% of the community uses it, and we recommend you do too!

Do people still play this game?

Yes! We host "Frag Friday" EVERY Friday at 7 est. We also run Pubs/Quads on Saturdays at 4 est. Games are hosted at tastyspleen server: Join us on discord!