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TF Skins Upgrade

Tf scout.jpg Tf sniper.jpg Tf sold.jpg

Tf demoman.jpg Tf medic.jpg Tf hwguy.jpg

Tf pyro.jpg Tf spy.jpg Tf eng.jpg

Unzip into your quake/fortress/skins folder.

Download TF skins upgrade.

Map Textures

A good place to start is with the Quake Re-texturing Project. It covers all the stock quake textures, it will instantly improve any maps using the defaults.


Download QRP map textures.

Download QRP map textures add-on.

Individual Maps

Install: Unzip the folder into quake/fortress/textures/

Example: should be unzipped into quake/fortress/textures/2fort5/

Protip: Use map grouping command in EZquake to load one set of textures across multiple maps.

Example: mapgroup 2fort5 2fort5r 2fort5sta 2fort5fel ; mapgroup aztec1 aztec1sta aztec1fel miniaztec1

Diffuse textures (Flat)

Used by Fuhquake/EZquake

Diffuse + Bumpmaps/Norms/Glow/Luma

Used by FTE/Darkplaces - Can use in Ez/Fuh and still get the benefit of nicer diffuse textures


A million available..for example at

Sample MegaTF model pak

Sample model Pak

Upgraded model/weapon textures with original "look"

Ezquake148.png Ezquake149.png

This pk3 contains graphical upgrades for items such as ammo, armor, health, weapons as shown above.

Download textures.pk3 and place it in your "id1" folder.

DOX Model/Skin/Sound Replacement PAKs

From 1998. 8bit Replacement content including vweps,bmodels,models,skins,sounds.
Providing a MegaTF edit here for download: contains only DOX original content combined into 1 pak and renamed files to work for MegaTF. Does not include extra DOX skins as there is overlap. Skin pak can be used in addition to this pak.

Some Examples:

MegaTF Edit:
DOX Originals:


Install: Unzip the files into your quake/qw/env folder.

Load a skybox: Type "loadsky <skybox name>" in the console.

Disable skybox: Type "skybox 0" in the console.

Download Skybox Pack 1 for an auto-loading skybox script and large set of high-res skyboxes.

Audio replacement

Not graphical, but an upgrade to all of the original quake sounds.

Use s_khz 44 in EZQuake.