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Below is the template located at: Map Template Basically, with the template, replace key words with what goes where.

  1. Search for the map you're creating a page for by putting Map:mapname into the search bar in the top-right (Assuming default template) and hit create page.
  2. With the template, anywhere you see filename (or *filename) replace it with the filename minus .bsp... so for 2fort5r.bsp, the filename would be '2fort5r'.
  3. Anywhere you see Author, replace it with the map author's name... Note: The first part of the tag cannot contain any brackets ([ or ]) or else it will error out. ie: Top cat: [[Category:Gunther]] Map info category line: [[:Category:Gunther|[SS] Gunther]]
  4. Delete the appropriate section from the line [[Category:Map_Co-op or Map_Fortress|filename]]. If it is a fortress-only map, it should be [[Category:Map_Fortress|filename]]. If it is a co-op map then it should be [[Category:Map_Co-op|filename]]
  5. Delete the entire [[Category:MapsWithNoOriginalText]] line if there is original text. If there isn't, just remove the (Delete....the map) bit.
  6. Anywhere you see 'Mapname' put in the full mapname of the map... ie: the mapname of canalz2k.bsp is Canal Zone 2000. 'Canal Zone 2000' would go in-place of 'Mapname'
  7. Fill out any available information such as the date the map was created, the file size, and map size (ie: Small/Medium/Large x-x players)
  8. Upload the map snapshot (Using the 'Upload File' link on the left sidebar under tools) image as filename.jpg (If your image is something other than .jpg then it needs to be changed on the line | [[File:filename.jpg]] || !!!
  9. Copy & paste the original .txt contents for the map info created by the author if applicable (If it's lost in time or you dont have it, make sure you set MapsWithNoOriginalText category at the top so that hopefully someone can find it!)
  10. Note: if all the text in the copy/paste of the .txt jumbles up, you will either need to add line breaks or add a space in between each line to get it to look right.
  11. Before you save the page, take the '[[Category:Mapper]]' from the bottom of the template and cut it. After you save it, click on the author's name and if it takes you to a fresh page, create it and add '[[Category:Mapper]]' to that page and save it. This will add it to the Mapper's page.
  • Ps: Dont try to copy/paste the below template from this page. Do it from the template page linked up at the beginning of this stub. (Go to the page and hit 'edit' and then copy it from the source/edit window.)



[[Category:Map_Co-op or Map_Fortress|filename]]

[[Category:MapsWithNoOriginalText]] (Delete this line if there is an original .txt file you're adding below for the map)

'''Mapname''' - [ Download this map!]

{| class="wikitable"


! Image !! Map Info !! Player Synopsis/Review


| [[File:filename.jpg]] ||

* filename.bsp: Mapname

* Author: [[:Category:Author|Author]]

* Created:

* Size:

* Info: CTF (OvD), 2 Teams

* Map Size:



'''Player Synopsis:'''

<br />

'''Player Review:'''


'''From the author:'''

To put into the mapper category page (Do not put this on the map page!):