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Mega Team Fortress

Mega Team Fortress (MTF) is a team and class based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game mod based on id Software's Quake Engine. Team Fortress has a high emphasis on teamwork and cooperation involving two teams (red and blue), with nine classes on each team. Some maps have an extra two teams (yellow and green). The players battle each other to complete objectives in game modes like Attack/Defend and Capture the Flag. Team Fortress has these ten classes available to each team: Scout Sniper Soldier Demolitions Man Combat Medic Heavy Weapons Guy Pyromaniac Civilian (Escort only) Spy Engineer. In MegaTF, you can set traps, place proximity grenades, plant timed bombs, heal your allies, repair teammates armor, call for airstrikes, ignite your jetpack to fly, use a grappling hook to scale walls, create ammo dispensers for yourself and your teammates and build sentry guns to obliterate your opponents. MegaTF requires much more than fast reflexes. It's all about teamwork and out-thinking your opponents. There are nine 'Classes' or 'Character-Types' in MegaTF. Every player has the choice of being either a Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy Weapons Guy, Pyro, Spy, or Engineer. Each of these classes has their own weapons, skills, and abilities. For example: the Scout is a very fast class with a jetpack that allows him to fly, while the Heavy Weapons Guy is very slow, but has a lot of firepower. Each class is different, and each class will be have advantages or weaknesses against against different other classes and weapons. Working together, the different classes can form a rock-solid defense or an unstoppable offense. Every MegaTF game is a contest between teams, usually a red and a blue team. As a member of one of those teams, your job is either to defend your flag, (by killing the enemies coming to take it) or to capture the enemy flag (by killing those guarding it).

Check Demos for game play examples.