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EngBat2k2 - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review

A very strange variation on the engbat theme. Engineers only.

Player Synopsis: Objectively speaking, no this is not engbat, in the standard sense of this gameplay. It's just a small CTF map, on which you can only play engineers. Halls, which are flagships in combination, are next to each other and are separated only by a wall. You can get from one to the other through this wall, using small elevators, or two side corridors. Instead of the flag, the trunk is from the sentry. A number of details from the center are scattered around the boxes, but these are just decorations.

In general, the engineers here also look like some kind of scenery ... First, the passage from the hall to the hall is already open from the very beginning, so there is simply no time to cost anything. Secondly, there's nothing to be banal about, since there are no nicks on bases. Thirdly, there is simply nowhere to build. That is, there are two beams under the ceiling, but you need to climb on them, taking into account point two, you still have to manage ... Well, in the fourth, to demolish everything that, despite the first three points managed to build, is simpler. EMP quietly flies from one end of the hall to the other.

Player Review: In general, at least, a strange map, suitable only, for an engineering arcade ...

From the author:

*************************************** * MAXIMIZE NOTEPAD FOR PROPER VIEWING * ***************************************




Author: [LSD]Evic


Editor: Qoole v2.60

QBSP: Enhanced Tree QBSP

Light: Tyrlite with Extra Light Sampling and .lit file

VIS: Rvis+

Build Time: Approx. 6 hours

Base Level: No base

Custom Sounds: Yes

Custom Models: Yes

Deathmatch: No

Coop: No




Unzip into your \Quake\ directory! The following files will be places in their correct directories:

engbat2k2.bsp - \Quake\fortress\maps\

engbat2k2.lit - \Quake\fortress\maps\

engbat2k2.txt - \Quake\fortress\maps\

charge.mdl - \Quake\fortress\progs\

minibase.mdl - \Quake\fortress\progs\

turrbase.mdl - \Quake\fortress\progs\

turrgun.mdl - \Quake\fortress\progs\

turrspot.wav - \Quake\fortress\sound\weapons\

NOTE: If you use a custom Sentry Gun Model or Sounds turrbase.mdl, turrgun.mdl, and turrspot.wav will overwrite these files. To keep your custom Sentry Gun, please back up those files, unzip this file, then place your custom Sentry Gun files in the correct directories, while overwriting existing files.



Two teams consisting of only Engineers. Try to steal the enemy team's turret segment located near the back of their base and bring it back to your turret segment's stand. Turret segments are returned immediately upon dropping them.

The lack of resupply areas is intentional. This map was designed to persuade Engbat players to rely on their Batteling skills, instead of good sentry gun placement.

Thanks to


SalesGod: This one is for you!

  • HPD: Without your encouragement there would be no engbat2k2.

MAP Guild: These are my boys - thanks so much for being there for me!

SKS: No particular aid in this project, but you've been there for me whenever I needed you.