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Remake of the classic hunted, with completely changed textures.

Player Synopsis: The goal of some is to escort the president through the whole map, the goal of others is to kill the president.

Player Review: It became more modern, but some graphics overloaded, in terms of the disappearance of texurs in the software (this is especially noticeable in the spectator's mode). And in architectural terms, I did not like the original very much ... It is not clear that there are no ammunition, armors and everything else on the map. Is this a conceptual idea or an ordinary fault?

From the author:

Name: The Hunted Special Edition - Harb!ngeR

Author: The Harb!ngeR of Fish

Email :

ICQ : 30578982

WebSite :


Spec: A teamfortress map, this draws it's layout (And some of it's

               textures) from the old TF level... hunted! :P
               The design is quite recognizable, but some areas

have been completely redesigned.

               As a bodyguard, protect your man.
               As an assasin, kill you man.
               As the hunted... run like hell!

Level info: People have been asking me to do updates of classic maps

               lately, and one of the strongest requests was for a new
               version of the great HUNTED.BSP.
               I said : "Ok I'll do it... just find me some textures :)"
               They said : "Here you are... happy now? :)"
               I said : "Come back in one week's time!"
               ONE WEEK LATER:
               I said : "Done! :P"


Thanks to:

               Retro for being c00l
               Wickiddog for hosting all our LAN parties

Screams of frustration and torment for:

               Mauve'Bib (He says this map is crap!)

Final comments:

               Be brief, be good, be fast.


Build Machine: PII 266 w 32mb RAM

Compile machine: PII 266 w 32mb RAM

Total Compile time: 'bout 5-10 minutes

(QBSP) time: 300 Seconds

(ARGHLITE) time: 100 Seconds

(RVISPLUS -THREADS 3 -LEVEL 4) time: 174 Seconds

VIS compresion level - Leaks: None

Models: dozens

Entities: 148

Textures: 80

Lights : 94

Type of patch: New Level.

Build time: 1 week.

Editors used: BSP, MS-DOS EDIT, ENTED.

New levels: 1

Single player: X


Deathmatch : X

Teamplay DM: X

Team Fortress: YES

New .mdl files: NO

New Sounds: NO

New music: NO

New skins: NO



Nope :)

Well, probably not... concidering how complex the TF entity settings can be, this should be fairly stable.


Long live Quake! (Forever & Ever Amen!)


Leagal stuff:

Not much, I'm not fussy, but there are requirements below:

This file is to be included with the level if it is posted anywhere.

The contents of this file are not to be changed or modified in any way.

This map and file are Copyright (c) Benjamin Skinner 1999.

This map may be used as part of a patch or for part of a campaign, all I ask is that this file is included and the title is unchanged. Try and get in touch with me if you want to do this, and I'll see about sending you the .map file, I'd just like to know where my stuff has gone, that's all.


Coming soon........

My Assault SP campaign.

Technocratic Monks - A new DM map

Okay, okay...

Enough adverts already.....


All about me.

I'm the Harb!ngeR, basically a half decent grade player with a set of feindish ideas for levels.

I'm basically the project leader on what has now become the ELF team.

I still play Quake more than Q2 or even Q3 for some reason, though I don't really know why, it's just I love all those dull, easy to kill monsters... And my pet dog Cujo!

I also 'loan out' my mapping skills to other teams such as the NukeMatch project (A TF style games where flags = components for a balistic missile that can destroy everyone who's not hiding in a bunker) and guys who want the odd specialist map.

If 'ya like my work, get in touch... especially if you'd like to hire me! :)


                    º   Gib is pronounced Jib !   º