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Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • lockdown.bsp: Lockdown
  • Author: KwK EvilJim
  • Created: ??/??/????
  • Size: 510K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium

Player Synopsis:

Player Review: Its unusualness is that it combines two different types of gameplay. This is a regular CTF and struggle for control points. Therefore, the architecture here is also a little unusual. There is only one hitch, but three teleporters lead from it. In the same hitch, there are two flags that need to capture control points. By the way, the procedure of returning to the hitch is unusual as well - just shoot one of the buttons with the quake symbol on the ceiling of the base. The base itself is a network of corridors enclosed by gratings. The flag is in the basement, where the elevator leads everyone. Besides him, you can leave with the flag with two vacuum cleaners. But they go to that part of the base that was originally closed. A water tunnel leads to the flagship, but it is also initially closed by a grate. The points that you need to capture are located on the balconies of the bases and on the field between the bases, or rather on the side of them. For their capture and retention, individual points are awarded. If you manage to capture all three, then the team gains access to the teleport leading to the control room. From there, by firing at the appropriate buttons, you can open and close the grilles that block certain sections of the bases. Moreover, you need to do this wisely and only at the signal of your team. For the grilles open immediately at both bases. If it is possible to achieve good coordination of actions, then the enemy has a very hard time. And if not, then big problems can arise for themselves :). The design of the card is clearly designed for GL and in software it does not look very special. However, this doesn’t interfere much ... I don’t know how playable this card is (IMHO, completely), but there are more than enough original and interesting ideas in it.

From the author: Lockdown by ]KwK[ EvilJim

Files: lockdown.txt (this file)

      lockdown.bsp (put in quake/fortress/maps)
      flagwisp.wav (put in quake/sound/items)

 The gameplay of this map is a combination of standard ctf and territorial control (like canalzon). There are three command points in the map, one on each team's balcony and a third in the middle ground between the bases. Once a team controls all three, the teleporter in front of the middle control point becomes accessible to the members of that team. This teleporter leads to the control room, from where access through each base can be modified, allowing for more strategic gameplay than simple ctf.
 Gates restrict access through the various parts of each base. The left and right hallways each have three gates, one high and one low at the front end, and one at the back. The main room has two gates, similarly situated at the front and back. A grate in the floor restricts passage through the shaft from the main room to the flag room. A single gate blocks the tunnel between the water pipes and the flag room; when closed, this gate can be opened for ten seconds by damaging it with a detpack.
 All of these gates can be opened and shut from within the control room, by shooting the appropriate buttons. Manipulating the gates for one area will affect these gates in both bases.
 When you capture a command point, you will respawn immediately; this is due to a bug which prevents the command marker showing up otherwise. 
 After a team has captured all of the command points, there is a 20 second period where the other team cannot recapture them, in order to avoid stalemates.
  Scoring: You score 10 team points for capturing the enemy flag, and 1 point for every 5 seconds your team holds all three command points.
  The shootable ceiling buttons scattered around each base allow players of that base's team to respawn. They must be damaged directly (eg shotgun fire or a direct rocket hit); splash damage won't trigger them. The button in each team's respawn will remove any command markers from any player who shoots it.


  Map by ]KwK[ EvilJim
  Thanks to dp and mercury

Textures used:

  Mostly original quake textures, some brick and metal textures stolen from Zerstorer, rock floor in the drill room originally from Rorshach's Clockwork Droid texture set for Q3



  flagwisp.wav, stolen from Impact.