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The Final Two Kingdoms (v1.0 normal) - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • tf2k.bsp: The Final Two Kingdoms (v1.0 normal)
  • Author: Inphidel [NOVA]
  • Created: 12/19/1999
  • Size: 740K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Large 14-24 players

An interesting variation on the well. The bases are designed in the form of small towns, with many houses and passages between them.

Player Synopsis:

Player Review: Perhaps, the best of all maps, made on motives well'a, that I saw. And certainly, the most krassive of them. Because of the great detail, it may seem too large and complex, but it is only at first glance. In fact, it is quite comparable in size with the original well. In addition, it is also lower, since all buildings have no more than two floors. This card is quite common in the world and even played in a number of leagues. Of the shortcomings can be noted except that the ever-wooden armor.

From the author:

Dec-19-1999 [The Final Two Kingdoms] Quake 1 Team Fortress Map


Title: The Final Two Kingdoms (v1.0 normal)

File: tf2k.bsp

Author: Inphidel

Email Address:

Maps URL: - (Nova Creation Labs)

Clan URL:

Personal URL:

Previous works:

               Realm of Despair (realmd1)
               Cryptic Forts (cryptic1)
               The Ditch (ditch1,ditch2)
               The Darkages (darkage1)


This map is very similar to Well, two forts on each side, blah blah. Buildings blah blah, Its inspired by many other levels, (well6, canalzone).

How to Play:

Get the flag from the opposite side of the map, bring it to your small castle keep under your flag. jump through the portal to score.

How to install (Copy the following files to these file folders.):

       tf2k.bsp - quake/fortress/maps/
       tf2k.txt - quake/fortress/maps/
       tf2kfgc.wav  - quake/fortress/sound/items/
       tf2kfgtt.wav  - quake/fortress/sound/items/

Play Information

Single Player No

Cooperative: No

Capture the Flag: No

Deathmatch: No

Team Fortress: Yes

New Models: No

New Sounds: Yes

New Graphics: Yes

New Music: No

Mega TF Entities: No



Base: New level from scrach

Editor: Qoole

Know Bugs: None

Build Time: 7 Days

Treebsp: 17 Minute 20 Seconds

Light: 750 Seconds

Rvis: 5367 Seconds