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Anyone can host their own MegaTF server locally using one of these server executables, along with the MegaTF mod data (qwprogs.dat), and the correct configuration commands.


MultiView Demo SerVer
Download x64 binaries for Windows:

Sample Server Config


Equake Server 1.40 (build 0465)
Download for Windows:
Documentation included
No longer under developement

Sample Server Config

EZQuake Built-in

Sample Server Config

FTE Built-in

Sample Server Config

MegaTF Progs

Rename desired version to qwprogs.dat and put in ../quake/fortress/

MegaTF CE v08.22.06

MegaTF Clan Edition v08.22.06 : megaTFv08.22.08CE.dat

  • This version from 2006 is considered a more faithful version of MegaTF than is currently used on today's main public server.
  • It is a competition focused version that is closer to that used by the various clan leagues in the golden era of MegaTF.
  • It doesn't include the most recent additions which were ported over from Custom-TF / Co-op mods, such as Parachutes, Tesla Sentry guns, Teleporter pads.