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Playing TeamFortress requires:
  • Quake. Download and install Quake Shareware, or obtain Quake from Steam.
  • TeamFortress Mod. Download and unzip MegaTF into your Quake folder.
  • Modern Client. Download and unzip ezQuake into your Quake folder. (ezQuake replaces the old QWCL.exe as your Quake Client. Other modern QuakeWorld Clients exist, which you may use at your discretion, but we highly recommend ezQuake.)

Before you play, setup your Configs - TeamFortress has lots of commands to bind. Then, Launch "ezquake.exe" in your Quake folder to play! Use the server-browser to find a TeamFortress game near you! Or find a server at Active Servers or and connect manually from the console.

Or choose a preconfigured installer package:
*recommended for new players*

Tip: Run your ezquake graphics on "eyecandy" for a graphical upgrade! Also visit the Graphical Replacements page for high quality texture replacements.


TeamFortress servers will download maps, models, sounds and other files to you as you need them on a case-by-case basis. However, there are some files servers do not distribute when you join.

The TFMegaPack (95MB) contains optional files that you WON'T get automatically from a server for colored lighting (.lit), location data (.loc), skyboxes, and high-res textures.

Sometimes, a server may be missing a file - or you may just want to save yourself the wait time and get to fragging. In which case, download:

TFMegaPack XL (180MB) - All of TFMegaPack, plus the most common maps and add-on files.

TFMegaPack XXL (640MB) - All of TFMegaPack_XL, plus a TON of maps and everything else.


Install FortressOne for Linux.


Client Commands

Useful client commands that are independant of any mod. You can review these and choose how you would like to configure your client. Changes should go in ../fortress/config.cfg



v_viewheight is the level of your eyes as the player bobs up and down while running. Most people have bobbing turned off. The level of your gun doesn't change during the bob cycle, just your eyes. At -7, your eyes are at the same level as your gun. Rockets are aimed right at the crosshair during their entire path. As the level of your eyes goes up, close range aim gets more off. At -5 to -4, if you try to shoot down over a ledge, the rocket will hit the ledge and if it's close, will blow up in your face. At -6 and -7 you can aim precisely over a ledge. It really only matters for rockets. A drawback of lower viewheights is that lightning gun shafts tend to be coming right at your face. Not a problem in MegaTF. Low viewheights make you feel short and high ones make you feel tall and you can see over more obstacles.

Some useful cvar options

  • r_fastsky 1 //sets sky to a solid color, less distracting, easier to see players outline in the sky.
  • r_skycolor x x x //RGB value of sky color
  • r_fastturb 1 //sets all liquids to a solid color based on texture, less distracting, cleaner looking map.
  • v_viewheight "-6" // Some lore about this one. This lowers your view as much as possible, with the idea of being exactly in line with your rocket trajectory, instead of above it. The idea is that your crosshair is more accurately where the rockets will hit in the distance.
  • s_khz "44" // attempt to sample all sounds at 44khz, crisper audio, and needed for the replacement sound pack.
  • s_ambientlevel "0" // removes annoying looping background noises
  • cl_bob "0" //removes screen bobbing
  • cl_bobcycle "0.0" //removes screen bobbing
  • cl_bobup "0.0" //removes screen bobbing
  • cl_rollangle "0" //controls how much your screen tilts when strafing.
  • etc. etc.


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