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Game Scanner

Customizable server browser for various oldschool games including Quake.

Ensure your Master Server for Quakeworld is set to:


Download:Select ""


QWDtools is a powerful tool to convert QWD demos (first person view only) into MVD demos, allowing whoever is watching the demo to change POV as well as float around. Thus it was used by several QW Movie authors in order to freely position the 'camera' and capture a trick from another angle or position. The QWD to MVD conversion will automatically compress the demo, reducing its file size to a fractional amount.


PakScape: PAK File Explorer

Pak file explorer and editor


QME: Quake Model Editor

View and edit models


Download: QME 3.0 Installer Upgrade: QME 3.1 Upgrade

Ented: TF Entity Editor

More of a mapper's tool, but useful if you want to do something like upgrade all the backpacks in a map and remove all the slow respawning ammo.


Download: Ented Editor