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How to bunnyhop


Purpose: A soldier can fire a rocket at a surface near oneself to elecit a strong knock-back effect. This gives the player the ability to fly through the air to reach high areas or cross maps faster, at the cost of self-damage. Rocketjumping has turned the soldier into one of the most interesting and versatile classes.
How to:


Engineer Quick Sentry Gun Build

Purpose: Build a lvl 3 Sentry Gun faster with only 1 resupply run.

  • Step 1. Build lvl 1 Sentry Gun.
  • Step 2. Dump all remaining cells next to Sentry gun. (Use script)
  • Step 3. Resupply once, return to Sentry Gun, upgrade to Lvl 2.
  • Step 4. Now pick up the discarded cells. Upgrade Sentry Gun to lvl 3, and fill with ammo.
  • Step 5. You will have a Lvl 3 Sentry Gun with 75 Shells and 20 Rockets, taking only 1 trip to the resupply.


Purpose: Concussion grenades have a strong knock-back effect that can be used to propel players through the air to reach high areas or cross maps faster.
How to:

  • Using a grenade timer, a player can position themselves optimally as the concussion grenade detonates to receive a boost through the air.
  • There is an optimal distance for a player to position themselves from the concussion grenade as it explodes, closer is not better. note to self: find exact distance?.
  • Jumping at the right time helps to gain an upward trajectory, as does throwing the grenade to some area below you.
  • Can be used as a free way of moving a group of teammates across the map, they will not experience concussion effects.
  • Can be chained in double or triple conc jumps (triple only used on skills maps)


Doublejumping? Megajumping?
Purpose: Perform a higher jump
2 methods:

  • Ramp Boost
    • Ramp boosting is a physics quirk that causes a player in possession of horizontal velocity on a decline to jump higher and receive forward acceleration.

  • Chained jumps
    • More nuanced. Can be performed in 2 ways.
      • 1. When a player jumps up, and the surface they land on is within a certain small # of units from the peak of their jump, they can immediately jump again and perform a higher jump.
      • 2. A player can simply fall that certain small # of units onto another surface, and immediately jump, they will perform a higher jump.
      • Demo:
      • Demo:


Purpose: Trimping is a movement skill that causes a player in possession of horizontal velocity on an incline to 'pop' upwards.
How to:

Demo: trimp-scout-2fort5r.mvd
Demo: trimp-scout-scoutin-2.mvd
Demo: trimp-scout-scoutin-1.mvd

20mm Jumping

Purpose: To receive a jump height boost as hwguy. has been somewhat nerfed but still useful
How to: As hwguy, select 20mm Cannon, aim directly down, fire + jump simultaneously. Timing is finicky. Best to script it.

Demo: 20mmjump-hwguy-32smooth-1.mvd
Demo: 20mmjump-hwguy-32smooth-2.mvd

Wall Strafing

Running parallel to a wall while holding strafe (so that the player 'leans' into the wall) results in a reasonable speed boost. This occurs because the strafe & forward velocities combined are greater when applied in a straight line. Normally, the player would strafe to the side meaning they are travelling off-line, but the wall holds the player on a straight path, so the player gets the extra velocity and retains the direction of travel.

Wall Strafing is a traditional movement skill and is a habit for a lot of people.

Ramp Sliding

When a player hits a ramp or other incline at a fast speed, the player will naturally glide up the surface without losing much speed. Players can direct their slide by using the strafe keys and the mouse in a smooth gliding action.


Sharking, aka Water Strafing or Speedboating, is the act of gliding across the surface of a body of water. Sharking can be performed by simply jumping onto the surface of a body of water with jump held. The majority of the player's horizontal velocity will be retained as long as the jump button is held. Sharking players can turn in a manner similar to Bunnyhoping while retaining speed. I.e. turning is achieved by letting go of the forward key, then using the strafe keys & the mouse to change direction.

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