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Free-For-All Maps come in a variety of flavors, the main theme is that the primary objective of these maps is only to frag other players; they do not contain flags or other objectives.

Variations include:

Arena - ex: sq1, knockout, duelshock The TeamFortress equivalent to Deathmatch. Usually two or four teams, with classes. No specific goals; kill or be killed.

Duel - ex: 1on1r A one-on-one Deathmatch mode, where two players of the same class compete for frags against just each other.

Clan Arena A variation of Arena based on the non-TF "Clan Arena" mod. All players have equal loadouts (or are all one class), and players have limited lives. Last team standing wins.

Last Man Standing - ex: TFvsTF Team-based Deathmatch with finite lives. Last team standing wins.

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