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When you join a MegaTF server you will be asked to select a team, and then select a class to play as. When you spawn as that class, a corresponding config file will automatically be executed. They are:

scout.cfg sniper.cfg soldier.cfg demoman.cfg medic.cfg hwguy.cfg pyro.cfg spy.cfg enginer.cfg civilian.cfg

Complete List of MegaTF Commands and Their Descriptions

Below are some examples of class-specific scripts beyond the basics:

Example Scout configs

fov 105
sensitivity 6
stopsound //stops all sounds
bind ctrl "drop1" // flash mine
bind e drop2 //toaster
bind q "discard;wait;sdropshell" //alias to drop all unneeded ammo
bind mwheeldown "impulse 4" //mac-10
bind mwheelup "impulse 2" //shotgun
bind mouse2 "jetjump;wait;wait;wait;holo" //jetjumps and places hologram at liftoff
bind mouse3 "rotate 180;wait;jetjump;wait;wait;wait;holo" //turns 180 in air and jetjumps

//alias to drop shells as well, may reduce impact of nearby EMP explosions.
alias sdropshell "dropammo;wait;impulse 1"

Example Sniper configs

The most important config item for a sniper is probably their zooming script. You should probably create a custom zoom script for sniper due to the important sensitivity requirements of the class. Zoom distance and sensitivity are very personal and mouse dependent so I will only provide a base example below.

//Example of a basic zoom script. You can get creative with these for different maps. Or you could have a cycling script with multiple zoom levels, just by repeating the same logic within this script and chaining the aliases together.
//Usage is: one click zoom in, one click zoom back out.
alias z20 "fov 20;wait;sensitivity 1;wait;bind mouse2 z105" //sets your zoom distance and sensitivity at that zoom range, you'll want it lower
alias z105 "fov 105;wait;sensitivity 5;wait;bind mouse2 z20" //reset your zoom and sensitivity to your normal values, use your defaults for the class.
bind mouse2 z20
sensitivity 5
fov 105

Example Soldier configs

Forward Rocketjump Script

alias fwrj "impulse 7;-forward;+back;rotate 180;+jump;+attack;wait;-attack;-jump;-back;+forward;rotate 180;wait;-forward;impulse 7"
bind mouse4 "fwrj"

Basic Rocketjump Script

alias long_wait "wait; wait; wait; wait"
alias +launch "cl_pitchspeed 20000; impulse 7; +lookdown; long_wait; +jump; wait; +attack"
alias -launch "-lookdown; -jump; -attack; cl_pitchspeed 100; centerview"
bind alt +launch

Example Demoman configs

stopsound //stops all sounds
sensitivity 5
fov 105
bind mwheelup "impulse 6" //grenades
bind mwheeldown "impulse 7" //pipebombs
bind 1 "impulse 1"  //knife
bind 2 "impulse 2" //shotgun
bind 5 "impulse 5" //long range grenades
bind shift "impulse 5;wait;impulse 10;wait;echo Long Range Pipebombs" //hackish way to get long-range pipebombs in MegaTF United servers.
bind e "drop2" //toaster
bind q "discard"
bind z "reload"
bind mouse2 "detpipe" //detonate pipebombs
bind mouse4 "+det5" //5 second detpack
bind mouse3 "+det20" //20 second detpack
bind mouse5 "+det50" //50 second detpack
bind mouse6 "+det255" //custom alias for 255 second detpack
bind ctrl "drop1" //air mirv
bind alt drop3 //tripwire
sbar_on //statusbar on
sbar_480 //set statusbar resolution to fit screen

//custom alias for 255 second detpacks
//replace "impulse 255" with any number of seconds that you like, less than 255.
alias +det255 "impulse 168;wait;impulse 255"
alias -det255 "-det50"

Example Medic configs

stopsound //stops any sounds like menu music, grenade timers, or flames
sensitivity 5
bind q "discard"
bind z reload
bind e "drop2" //toaster
bind ctrl "drop1" //drops syringe
bind mouse3 "saveme" //says medic outloud
bind mwheelup "impulse 3" //super shotgun
bind mwheeldown "impulse 5" //super nailgun
bind mouse4 "heal" //heals self of any negative effects
bind mouse5 "drop4" //drops a health pack (MegaTF United only)

//zoom script
alias z25 "fov 20;wait;sensitivity 0.6;wait;bind mouse2 z105"
alias z105 "fov 105;wait;sensitivity 5;wait;bind mouse2 z25" 
bind mouse2 "z25"

Example Hwguy configs

20mm Jump

//hwguy 20mm jump
alias 20mmjump "cl_pitchspeed 100000;+lookdown;wait;+attack;wait;+jump;wait;-attack;wait;-jump;wait;-lookdown;wait;force_centerview;wait;cl_pitchspeed 150"
bind "key" 20mmjump

Example Pyro configs

stopsound //stops all sound
fov 105
sensitivity 5
bind e "drop2" //toaster
bind q "discard"
bind z "reload"
bind ctrl "drop1" //drops lava pool
bind mwheeldown "impulse 7" //incendiary cannon
bind mwheelup "impulse 6" //flamethrower
bind mouse3 "taunt; wait; impulse 5" //taunt enemy with "call 911" when they are on fire

Example Spy configs

Spy Quick Grapple

//quick grapple script
alias +grap "impulse 8; wait; +attack"
alias -grap "-attack; wait; impulse 2"
bind mouse2 "+grap"

Spy Feign with Backpack Throw

//Feigning with backpack throw
alias yesfeign "cl_pitchspeed 100000;+lookup;wait;+lookup;wait;discard;wait;cl_pitchspeed 150;-lookup;wait;force_centerview;wait;feign;wait;bind f unfeign"
alias unfeign "feign;wait;bind f yesfeign"
bind f yesfeign

Spy Disguise Keypad Selection Menu

// disguises
alias goblue 		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 2;wait;impulse 1"
alias gored		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 2;wait;impulse 2"
alias goscout		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 1;wait;impulse 1"		
alias gosniper		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 1;wait;impulse 2"
alias gosoldier		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 1;wait;impulse 3"
alias godemo		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 1;wait;impulse 4"
alias gomedic		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 1;wait;impulse 5"
alias gohwguy		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 1;wait;impulse 6"
alias gopyro		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 1;wait;impulse 7"
alias goengy		"impulse 171;wait;impulse 1;wait;impulse 9"
bind kp_0 		goblue
bind kp_del 		gored
bind kp_1		goscout
bind kp_2		gosniper
bind kp_3		gosoldier
bind kp_4		godemo
bind kp_5		gomedic
bind kp_6		gohwguy
bind kp_7		gopyro
bind kp_8		feign
bind kp_9		goengy

Example Engineer configs

Cell drop script. Useful for Quick Sentry Gun Building technique

alias celldrops "dropammo;wait;impulse 4;wait;dropammo;wait;impulse 4;wait;dropammo;wait;impulse 4;wait;dropammo;wait;impulse 4;wait;dropammo;wait;impulse 4;wait;dropammo;wait;impulse 4;wait;dropammo;wait;impulse 4;wait;dropammo;wait;impulse 4;wait;dropammo;wait;impulse 4"
bind "key" celldrops