MTF United Impulse Commands

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A list of all the raw impulse commands that the MegaTF United mod understands. Generally we access these commands using their easier to remember aliases, for example "holo" instead of the underlying "impulse 200". But incase anyone wants the underlying impulses here they are:

impulse 251: Vote menu (Does not represent current maps on the server? Hit an option and it said the server doesn't have that map.)

impulse 250: "Come out with your pants down" and prints MegaTF to console

impulse 249: drop2

impulse 245: voteyes

impulse 242: Team_say red flag status

impulse 241: Team_say blue flag status

impulse 240: Quits client

impulse 238: Auto Discard On

impulse 236: Discard set to max

impulse 235: red flag status print to console

impulse 234: blue flag status print to console

impulse 204: dropflag

impulse 203: dropflag

impulse 201: drop2

impulse 200: holo

impulse 191: chute

impulse 190: drop1

impulse 186: auto ID on

impulse 184: discard

impulse 182: shows inventory #'s on screen, each time used, changes location on screen, does not disable it.

impulse 181: saveme

impulse 176: grapple (spy)

impulse 174: autozoom toggle

impulse 172: dropammo

impulse 171: special

impulse 157: bic/ "Are you threatening me?"

impulse 156: hey/"Hey, heh heh"

impulse 155: jetjump

impulse 154: Airscout info printed to console

impulse 151: primegren2

impulse 150: primegren1

impulse 145: team scores printed to console

impulse 144: print players on your team

impulse 143: Joins team 4, if already on a team, just says you're already on team X.

impulse 142: Joins team 3, if already on a team, just says you're already on team X.

impulse 141: Joins team 2, if already on a team, just says you're already on team X.

impulse 140: Joins team 1, if already on a team, just says you're already on team X.

impulse 137: lists legal teams for current map

impulse 136: shows specific server settings (grapple, respawn delay, class restrictions, auto team, team frags)

impulse 135: prints current team and inventory status to console

impulse 133: prints server uptime to console

impulse 131: prints "new" commands to console

impulse 120: timeleft

impulse 119: shows players per team, if teams are balanced, and teamplay code

impulse 118: prints current coordinates of player to console

impulse 110: randompc

impulse 109: engineer

impulse 108: spy

impulse 107: pyro

impulse 106: hwguy

impulse 105: medic

impulse 104: demoman

impulse 103: soldier

impulse 102: sniper

impulse 101: scout

impulse 100: "You will respawn as an observer" doesnt seem to do anything...

impulse 81: "Status bar res set to 1024x768"

impulse 80: "Status bar res set to 1024x768"

impulse 79: "Status bar res set to 1024x768"

impulse 78: "status bar res set to 800x600"

impulse 77: "status bar res set to 640x480"

impulse 76: "status bar res set to 640x400"

impulse 75: "status bar res set to 512x384"

impulse 74: "status bar res set to 320x350"

impulse 73: "status bar res set to 400x300"

impulse 72: "status bar res set to 320x240"

impulse 71: "status bar res set to 320x200"

impulse 69: prints your rank to console (Rank, Frags, Fers and Deaths)

impulse 67: prints angle you're looking as well as current coordinates to console

impulse 66: users

impulse 59: drop4

impulse 58: bhole

impulse 57: menu/mtf menu

impulse 56: yell menu

impulse 55: drop3

impulse 53: taunt menu

impulse 50: ir (toggle)

impulse 40: impulse 1 (lol?)

impulse 23: prints "Item is missing" x2 as engineer (What is this?)

impulse 13: alias check

impulse 12: impulse 3

impulse 10: impulse 1 (again? lol)

impulse 9: player details & commands available for that class