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1on1 Expert - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 1on1expert.bsp: 1on1 Expert
  • Author: Zxeses [ZAP]
  • Created: 01/18/2003
  • Size: 140 K
  • Info: Duel, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Small

A slightly unusual duel map.

Player Synopsis: The general layout is the same as the original 1on1r, but there are a number of differences. There are restrictions on classes - you can not choose: scout, sniper and hegger. The holes here are of a closed type. And, the player can not take a backpack in them initially. On the wall there is a button for activating backpacks. If the players of both teams press them, the backpacks will be available. If not - everyone will have to run without armor and with ten rockets :).

The central part of the map is also unusual. The hard floor is only along the walls and in the center of the arena. Intermediate space is filled with air cushion. For the player himself, it is no different from the ordinary sex. However, the rockets fly through it, and the grenades begin to jump in place :). That is, it is necessary to shoot and throw grenades in the carcass.

Player Review: Perhaps, this is one of the most interesting variation on the theme 1on1 of all that I have come across lately. At least the author was able to come up with something really new. From a technical point of view, everything is done very competently, and the design is very pleasant and modern. I recommend that lovers pareenitsya at least look.

From the author:


  • Mod: TeamFortress (2 teams)
  • required wav files:
    • sound/weapons/pkup.wav (quake shareware)
  • required mdl files:
    • progs/backpack.mdl (quake shareware)
  • textures used:
    • +0button1
    • +abutton1
    • -1out_crt2a
    • c1a0_w2
    • c2a4c3
    • c3a2a_tnk3b
    • clip
    • con1_bord02
    • crete2_flr03
    • ctf07
    • ctf08
    • dopefish
    • generic015v2
    • lab1_slot4
    • lab1_slot4b
    • lab1_slot4c
    • lab1_slot7
    • lab2_w6a
    • out_wall6b
    • sign21
    • sign24
    • sky_red