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Two Bunkers - Version 4 - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 2bunker4.bsp: Two Bunkers Version 4
  • Author: Mini-Lord/Spark (Mike Toth)
  • Created: 10/06/2000
  • Size: 645 K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium 12-18 players

Underground bases separated by land and water.

Player Synopsis: The entrance to each of them is three: two unearthly and one by water. The bases themselves are a network of corridors and one large hall, which is also a flagship. You can enter this room with two corridors, a hole (located next to one of them) and the above-mentioned water. Accordingly, the hole can not be left back. However, the way to carry the flag and without it enough.

Player Review: A completely playable map, with a very decent design. Though, personally it seemed to me not very interesting.

From the author:

Objective: Enter the enemy Base and make your way to where their Flag resides in the Basement. Grab it and bring it back to your Battlements. Place it on the raised square to Capture it.

Scoring: 10 points and frags per capture.

Other Notes: Flag carriers drop the Flag when they die. Dropped flags return to their Base after 60 seconds.

Place 2bunker4.bsp in your fortress/maps directory.





Created by: Mini-Lord

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