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2fort Special Edition Final - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 2fortse.bsp: 2fort Special Edition Final
  • Author: [SG] Llama2000
  • Created: 08/21/1999
  • Size: 1.1 MB
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Large 14-24 Players

One of the most stylish clones of forts.

Player Synopsis: For its time (and the beta version of this map appeared back in 98), the design of the map was simply excellent. Retaining the classic layout of the original map and significantly increasing its size, the author added a huge amount of decorative details. When I first saw this map, I'll be honest, she impressed me a lot. From the chips of the map, it can be noted that instead of the flags on it, you need to carry small models of the facades of the original forts. It looks very cool.

Player Review: If we talk about the practical side of design, then things are much worse with this. There is no real benefit from all this beauty, and in places it frankly interferes. For example, to lay out the ladder on the lattice floor of the cellar, the occupation is clearly not for the faint-hearted demons - the pipes simply fall down into the water (or rather, what is poured there). In addition, with the increase in the size of the map, the proportions of the rooms have also changed significantly. Added and some new tambours and dressing rooms ...
Not that the map was not playable (for a large number of people - it's the most), but still it is more decorative than utilitarian. That is, running around to look at it is nice, but seriously to play better on some other :). By the way, why is there an underground room, the path to which leads from the water (formally, there is a wall punched by a children's park), I did not understand at all. Obviously, some unrealized idea of ​​the author ...

From the author:


Title : 2fort Special Edition Final

Filename : 2fortse.bsp

Release Date : 21/08/99

Author : [SG]Llama2000

Original design : John Cook


Email :

ICQ UIN : 11227739


2 Armys battle it out for little 2f5 collectables

  • Anyone who was looking forward to this map for waiting :)
  • Bear[SG] for compiling the map at short notice
  • TFS and co for the legend that is TF
  • Iikka Keranen for most of the textures
  • And of course, id software for making quake!
Rude words to

My old hd for junking the .map

Zip Contents
  • /maps/2fortse.bsp
  • /maps/rfort.bsp
  • /maps/bfort.bsp
  • /maps/2fortse.txt

To install, simply extract the zip to the fortress\maps directory of your quake installation path.

Whats next?
  • More screenshots!
  • More betas!
  • Skyward
  • The Fallen
  • Details
  • Play information
  • Gameplay notes
  • Construction
  • Where to get this level
  • Otherstuff
  • Compile Readout
  • Copyright bs
  • Eof

--= Play Information =-------------------------------------------------------

Single Player : No

Cooperative : No

Deathmatch : No

Team Fortress : Yes

Rocket Arena : No

New Sounds : No

New Graphics : Yes

New Music : No

Demos Replaced : None

--= Gameplay Notes =---------------------------------------------------------

Although it looks like a tarted up 2fort5 clone, it plays suprisingly different to the original, the biggest change is the scale of the map, the choak areas of old have been enlarged to make it much more 12v12 friendly and there are also various other measures in place to cut down on spam including grates and slow gren2 respawns.

--= Construction =-----------------------------------------------------------

Base : New level from scratch

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 1.6a

Known Bugs : Minor clipping errors, unfixable >:(

Build Time : An embarasingly large amount of time

Texture Wad used : Some from ikbase, others from erm, elsewhere :)

Compile machine : Unknown

QBSP Time : N/a

Light (-extra) Time : N/a

VIS (-level 2) Time : N/a

Brushes : N/a

Surfaces : N/a

Entities : N/a

Texture Count : N/a

--= Where to get this level =------------------------------------------------

Me if you dont mind a few screenies and betas while your at it :P - My web site. - and its many mirrors. - The best UK cdrom mirror going imho.

--= Other stuff =------------------------------------------------------------ - The official TF website - My favorite haunt :) (Now with 2meg power!) - Spice web! - Clan [iC] Website, just dont bring your mother.... - Where large amounts of curry sacrificing takes place.. - The best UK TF newsite bar none. - Iikka Keranen's homepage, get ikbase from here. - Home of worldcraft, go visit Worldcraft Pro's grave :/ - The biggest TF hosting site going. - Massive rankings/listings site.

www. - The TF Map Sentry. (argh cant find the url) - Home to that infamously blind spy :P

Im seriously looking to get into full time (should that be over time? :) professional level design. If your development team needs a level designer who's only restriction, is the hardware his on, and doesnt even know the meaning of the word 'sleep' then mail me!

--= Compile Readout =--------------------------------------------------------

Bleh, I aint got the full readout, sowwy :)

--= Copyright / Permissions =------------------------------------------------

(c) 1997 Llama2000. All rights reserved.

This level may be electronically distributed only at no charge to the recipient.

The contents must be unmodified and complete in full before distribution.

This level may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without my prior, explicit consent.

Commercial Servers must get my consent before the useage of this map is allowed.

You prefer reading this to fragging? Ill... be... leaving... then... :)

--= Eof =--