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2Mach Harb! NgeR Edition - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 2machb.bsp: 2Mach Harb! NgeR Edition
  • Author: Harb!ngeR
  • Created: 02/03/2000
  • Size: 330K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Small 8-12 Players

The map is based on the classic 2mach1.

Player Synopsis: This version has become much lower (balcony and inner room). Passage from the balcony has already become longer. The inner hall is greatly simplified. Other changes. Differences from the early 2macha only in the increased time of the appearance of backpacks in the well.

Player Review: The card has its pros and cons. Although, perhaps, the original was much more stylish. By the way, the people complained about the bug associated with the disappearance of the flag, when it fell in some parts of the map ... I did not see it myself, I will not lie.

From the author:

Name: 2Mach - {Harb!ngeR Edition}

Author: The Harb!ngeR of Fish

Email :

WebSite :

.bsp name: 2MACHB.BSP

Spec: Two bases seperated by a piece of no-mans land, using some

               Q2 textures, some IKBASE.

This is release 'B' with longer respawn delays on the packs.

Level info: Based on the layout of the TF level 2mach1 but with greater connectivity. I made this level because although 2mach1 looks great and can play very well, there are some important niggles which I have altered for this edition:

               Some of the architecture (Like the water lifts) looked a bit
               blocky in 2Mach1, I have attempted to keep them 'nicer looking'.
               The Acid trap has a bridge across it so you don't have to make
               daft angled jumps all the time, this could be very hard on a
               high ping! Also the acid has a very nice fake coloured lighting

effect done with a clever (Well I think it's clever!) use of textures.

               I've added more resupply packs, which give out ammo & health
               faster, rather than just one per team!
               I've added internal lifts so you don't have to exit the base
               and then reenter just to defend the higher areas of your base.


I'd like a mapping job, give me one now! ;) (Yeah, like anyone would think

                                            my maps are any good...)


Thanks to:

               The National Society For The Protection Of Fish <NSFTPOF>

Screams of frustration and torment for:

               Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistophilis, The Devil,
               Old Harry, Damian.
               Oh yeah, that red bloke with the horns too...

Final comments:

               Satan is cool, he can be your agent too, all you have to do is
               fill out a contract written in your own blood...


Build Machine: P266 w 32 mb ram

Compile machine: P266 w 32 mb ram

Total Compile time:

(QBSP) time: 1 Min 57 Seconds

(IKLITE) time: 1 Min 31 Seconds

(VIS) time: 657 Seconds

VIS compresion level - 19023/37950

Leaks: None

Average light level : 47/255

Models: 7

Entities: 129

Textures: 35

Visable faces: 2586

Type of patch: New Level.

Base: New Level built from scratch.

Build time: Four days, at least two hours a day.

Editors used: BSP, MS-DOS EDIT.

New levels: 1

Single player: NO


Deathmatch : NO

Teamplay DM: NO

Team Fortress: YES

New .mdl files: NO

New Sounds: NO

New music: NO

New skins: NO



None!! Mwahahaha!!! NEVER A BUG IN MY LEVEL!!!


Long live Quake! (Forever & Ever Amen!)

Down with poor quality clone games!

Down with my enemies!




put the files included in this order:







Leagal stuff:

Not much, I'm not fussy, but there are requirements below:

This file is to be included with the level if it is posted anywhere.

The contents of this file are not to be changed or modified in any way.

This map and file are Copyright (c) Benjamin Skinner 1999.

This map may be used as part of a patch or for part of a campaign, all I ask is that this file is included and the title is unchanged. Try and get in touch with me if you want to do this, and I'll see about sending you the .map file, I'd just like to know where my stuff has gone, that's all.

If this is distributed on a magazine then I want a free copy of the mag! (Email adress in above) I guess it's only fair?


Coming soon........

Twisted Future - A space age deathmatch map in an abandoned base...

DiD5 - Mine Clearance, a DiD map based on my previous AirQuake map Mine Clearance

Okay, okay...

Enough adverts already.....


All about me.

I'm the Harb!ngeR, basically a half decent grade player with a set of feindish ideas for levels.

I'm basically the project leader on what has now become the ELF team.

I still play Quake more than Q2 for some reason, though I don't really know why, it's just I love all those dull, easy to kill monsters... And my pet dog Cujo!

I also 'loan out' my mapping skills to other teams such as the NukeMatch project (A TF style games where flags = components for a balistic missile that can destroy everyone who's not hiding in a bunker) and guys who want the odd specialist map, eg: lately I've done one for the Duel of the Fates mod, and another for the Street Fighter 2 Quake conversion.

If 'ya like my work, get in touch!


                  ºSatan is nice, Satan is your pal..º