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2Seksi (v.1) - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 2seksi.bsp: 2Seksi (v.1)
  • Author: SKS & Sabateur
  • Created: 10/15/2001
  • Size: 710K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium 10-16 players

A mixture of Bases and Hardcore, with a complete absence of sushi, between forts.

Player Synopsis: It is possible to get to the base by the bridge (inside the fort the corridor diverges on the va leading to the ramps). There you get water and jump into the balcony or attic windows. In the basement is the central gut and two side elevators. By the way, by the way, it's faster to pass from the balcony. Elevators are low and can be rounded out into two rocket jumps (there are side cornices for the second). At the bottom of the opponent's gut there is a plate (for which you are always clinging), if you jerk it off with a detpak, then the waterway to its base is closed. Just by simply pressing the button on the wall of your ramp room you can remove your half of the bridge - swim or fly :).
Player Review: Simple and not without fun. A small and dynamic map. True, the textures are a bit weird (obviously, they are calculated under the GL).

From the author:

--= Details =----------------------------------------------------------------

Title : 2Seksi

Filename : 2seksi.bsp

Re-Release Date : 10/15/01

Author : SKS and Sabateur


Email :

ICQ UIN : 4868103 (SKS) and 20616999 (Saboteur)

Description : 2 seksi teams fight to see who can get off first.

Credits to : [SG]Llama2000 for making this lengthy text file for 2fortse for

                 me to gank.
                 Saboteur for starting this map out.  Without him I would probably
                 have not gotten into mapping again.  He did most of the structure
                 while I did the textures, entities, minor structure fixes and
                 additions, and the sounds.
                 Ambush for MTF.
                 Pablo and the new MTF dev team (
                 And of course, id software for making quake!

Zip Contents : /maps/2seksi.bsp






Installation : To install, simply extract the zip to the fortress maps directory of your quake installation path.

Whats next? : The ZAP mapping contest! Who thinks I should submit this map?

                 I'll probably pull something even better out of my ass next time.
                 This is my first map after all.

Contents : Details Play information Gameplay notes Construction Where to get this level Eof

--= Play Information =-------------------------------------------------------

Single Player : No

Cooperative : No

Deathmatch : No

Team Fortress : Yes

Rocket Arena : No

New Sounds : Yes

New Graphics : Yes

New Music : No

Demos Replaced : None

--= Gameplay Notes =---------------------------------------------------------

I pimp this as being a 2fort5/h4rdcore mix with a bunch of goodies for people to play with added in. There's a hidden quad damage for scouts to get. The buttons outside the respawns retract the bridges. There is also a det spot at the bottom of the spiral in each base. This det spot closes the water entrance for the opposing base, so teams might want to guard them. As your team touches and caps the flag they get more and more turned on. Most likely the team that wins in caps will jizzor first, and the other team will just be sexually frustrated.

--= Construction =-----------------------------------------------------------

Base : New level from scratch

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 1.6a, ENTed, Quark

Known Bugs : Minor clipping errors, unfixable >:(

Build Time : about 13 hours of work, and 20 hours of goofing off

                         and staring off into space

Texture Wad used : 11 new textures created in 2seksi.wad, and a few old ones.

Compile machine : 400 P2 with 96 megs of ram

Compile info in compile.txt.

--= Where to get this level =------------------------------------------------

--= Eof =--------------------------------------------------------------------