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Slopes - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 2slope1.bsp: Slopes
  • Author: YellowMan [CP]
  • Created: 02/21/1999
  • Size: 240K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Small 6-12 players

Small and simple in architecture map.

Player Synopsis: Two three-story forts, opposite each other. Or rather, two-story, because on the third, there is nothing but a touchdown and a sniper balcony. One drop is on the second floor, but there are three ways out: to the touchdown and two lateral ones. The lateral leads to the corridors (in the right and left, respectively) leading from the balcony to the ramp room. There also leads one wide corridor on the first floor. There is no waterway or any other ways. The ramp room is a bit like a fortress, but after walking along a horizontal ramp you get to the small corridor, not actually an elevator, but actually a flag-ship.

Player Review: The design is quite simple, but it's not a minus. The map is quite playable with a relatively small number of players. By the way, if you believe the author, the sniper from the balconies of different bases can not aim to shoot each other. At least from the third floor for sure.

From the author:



Title : Slopes

Filename : 2slope1.bsp

Author : YellowMan[CP]

ICQ Number : 8771527

Description : A Team Fortress Map. Two bases, each

                         with many sniper nests.  And check
                         out the wind tunnel.
  • Play info *

Single Player : No

Coop : No

Deathmatch : Yes (Team Fortress only)

Difficulty Settings : No

New sound/music/graphics: No

Tools used : WorldCraft 1.6

Build Time : ~18 hours

Bugs : None

"Features" : Snipers on the highest sniper deck on one side can't

                         hit snipers on the highest sniper deck of the other
                         base.  I think this is a limit of the sniper rifle.

Legal : Copyright (c) 1998 Ian McIntosh. All rights

                         reserved. This level may be distributed only
                         via the internet for no charge to the recipient.

I'm considering adding some sort of water tunnel and adding more access to the flag area. Find me on gamesnet in #postal if you have a strong opinion on either of these issues.