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2stag1 (revision v3) - Download this map!

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Revision of the map Map:2stag1

Player Synopsis: This map was made specifically for a TF LAN Party that was held at the end of 1999 in Germany. Its port (with a number of significant changes) for Q3F version 2stag2, has become one of the classic maps of this mod. At the same time, the original version of the map, outside Germany, was practically unknown. To find it I had to work hard :)

The base consists of two halls, the far one of which is a flag. Birth points are on the pits, under the ceiling of the first hall. Nyochek as such, no, but there are two backpacks, before going out onto the balcony. You can enter the base through the main entrance (by the bottom), through the side passage (the middle ramp) and through the girder (the upper ramp). In the same way (lower, middle and upper ramps), you can go from the first hall to the far one. The flag is not on the floor, but on a special elevation, so it still needs to jump off the ramps or jump on something from below.

The inter-service space is a field separated by a low wall, with two arches. On each side of the field, along one of the side walls, there are small buildings. They do not carry any semantic load (except from the arcade in them you can hide), but on their roofs and the central wall you can forgive from the second floor of one base, to the second floor of the other.

Player Review: The map is relatively small and obviously not zero. On the gameplay, it represents something between 2mach1 and 32smooth. And for architecture - well suited for clan games. In addition, it is possible to mark a rather pleasant (though not complex) design. The drawbacks of the map are its poverty, in terms of the availability of armor and ammunition, and the lack of glow for the one who carries the red flag ...

From the author:

      • this map is designed for the TeamFortress 2.9 quakeC patch ***



Title : 2stag1 (revised)

Filename : 2stag1r.ent

Author : JM|Leon & GotT-Bamb1

Revisor : Night Hunter

Description : ctf with two bases.

  • Revision Changes *

Revision 3: 13.11.2002

Changes: - Flag return time increased up to 30 sec.

Revision 2: 05.11.2002

Changes: - The second type grenades was removed from the hidden backpack.

- The hidden backpack spawn time was increased.

Bugs Fixed: - Small error in the team choice menu was fixed.

Revision 1: 25.09.2002

Features Added: - 4 additional respawn points, for each team.

- 3 additional resuply packs, near respawn points.

Changes: - The quantity of ammo, armor and health in old backpacks was reduced.

- Old backpacks spawn time was increased.

Bugs Fixed: - The glow of the blue team carrying player was corrected.

- The respawn order on both bases is now identical.

Original map release: 05.12.1999

  • Installation *

fortress/maps/2stag1r.bsp (your old version of map) fortress/maps/2stag1r.ent

Run QBSP: qbsp -onlyents 2stag1r.ent 2stag1r.bsp

  • Play Information *

TeamFortress: Yes, 8-16 players. Gameplay: Simply capture the flag map. You should take an enemy flag and bring it to your base. 10 points for each capture. Known Bugs: The blue flag is drawn above the entrance of the red base. The red flag is drawn above the entrance of the blue base. It cannot be corrected in entity... You can accept it as feature ;).

  • Other Info *

Thanks to: - Eclipse for that has given me original 2stag1 (and other rare maps).

- BorisU for sv_loadentfiles on his QW262 server. - Clan SD (TF Maps Review Page) - Moscow TeamFortress League