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Thunder Bases (Final) - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 2thunder3.bsp: Thunder Bases (Final)
  • Author: Spark aka NightMare (Mike Toth)
  • Created: 01/02/2001
  • Size: 390K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium 10-16 players

Two small bases separated by a wall.

Player Synopsis: You can pass a wall by two corridors or water. In the very base, or rather in the ramp room, you can get two main entrances and one side corridor. In flagship, you can walk along the corridor from the ramp room or swim with water. It will take a long time to swim, but there is an intermediate exit from the water, in the above-mentioned side corridor. There also goes the door of one of the two nychok. In this well, lovers of distant swim can take a wetsuit. The door of the second well goes into the ramp room. And on a special corridor from it you can go to the sniper loopholes. Behind the wall in the rampant hall is a zanykan quad, but taking it in combat conditions will be very problematic.

Player Review: The design is simple and rational. Everything is in place and nothing superfluous. The map itself is more than playable, although a little unusual, because of the underwater route.

From the author:

Thunder Bases

MapInfo :

2thund4 and 2thund4r were beta pre-releases.

Build Time : around 6 minutes Vis Time : 171 seconds Light Time : 151 seconds Editors Used : WorldCraft , EntED

Single Player : NO (just to look around) Cooperative : NO DeathMatch : HELLO??? What did i say? NO Team Fortress : YES New models : YES New sounds : NO

I Did add something to spiff the map up. You will see when you enter your ramproom. Just place this map in your maps directory. Nothin else needed. I don't really give a fuck if you modify this map, all i actually give a fuck is that you leave the e4 and the author and mapname on the worldspawn (startup). Uhm, The author of this map was Mike Toth a.k.a NightMare*F>e4 -- is my email. I encourage you to email me naughty stuff. yes im a pervert. No seriously? Actually I'm not but i felt like saying something to piss people off. It's a great map and i hope its enjoyable. Have fun figuring out how to get the quad in the ramproom. (Why am i telling you where it is? It's glowing so if you don't figure it out, uhhhh then your beyond our help) And a word of thanks to e4, Gamesnet #e4 and To everyone in GP, gamesnet #GP; especially dominatrix[GP] Thanks babe.

Have fun, and if it puzzles ya I guess you could always lay a detpack somewhere and see what that does. Oh yes, there are 2 secrets... 4 total, 2 in each base same location. Uhhh.... 1 requires a grenade to boost you if your not a soldier. it is rocketjumpable. I think i gave it away already, but what the hell. Sweets go out to Steph @ LCC. Love Ya!

Author : Mike Toth a.k.a NightMare*F>e4