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32Smooth - Harb!ngeR Edition - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 32smse.bsp: 32Smooth - Harb!ngeR Edition
  • Author: Harb!ngeR
  • Created: 01/21/2000
  • Size: 1.1MB
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Large 14-22 players

Classic Map:32smooth, with completely new textures and slightly modified architecture.

Player Synopsis:

Player Review: Looks stylish, but still an amateur. As an undoubted advantage, it can be noted that the map has become much lighter. Now it is at least clear where the enemies come from and where to go. As well, which is also good, the card is removed quad. The main disadvantage is all the same schedule. In the software fps falls to just indecent figures, the ram's icon drops out periodically, and just does not look very presentable .. In general, the map GL Only ...

From the author:

Name: 32Smooth - Harb!ngeR Edition

Author: The Harb!ngeR of Fish

Email :

Date : Jan 21st 2000

WebSite :

ICQ : 30578982

.Bsp name: 32SMSE.BSP


               The layout of this map is based on the classic,
               32Smooth by DrSmooth.
               (Let me also apologise for the length of this document!)

Level info: I decided to make this map.... because I was asked to!

               RicYax, a guy I've known on the net for several years,

started talking to me about the map 32 Smooth by DrSmooth, complaining about the lighting, the textures, the gitty rearm method and loads more besides... then he said...

               'I bet you could do better than that'
               And I said...
               'I bet I could ya know! :P'
               This is the result!
               The overall layout is basically the same as the original
               32Smooth, and many of the set pieces can be recognized, but
               I have used a totally new texture set, lit the whole place
               much more evenly, and also made it so players can rearm at
               much greater speed.


Thanks to:

               DrSmooth for the original design layout.
               RicYax for some ideas.
               Llama2000 (Though I've never spoken to him) for the idea of
               compressing textures down to increase quality (I knew about
               the method before, and had even used it occasionally, but
               was under the mistaken impression that quality was lost in
               the process... his 2MachSE proved me wrong!)

Screams of frustration and torment for:

               Any lamers who use speed cheats!
               I HATE YOU ALL!

Final comments:

               I wish I could include an entity that kills speed cheaters
               without warning.
               Oh yeah... gimmie a mapping job, I like to make maps you




Build Machine: PII 266 w 32 mb RAM/PII 300 w 48 mb RAM Compile machine: PII 300 w 64 mb RAM (QBSP) time: 27 Minutes (IKLITE) time: 5313 Seconds (RVISPLUS) time: 1038 Seconds VIS compresion level - 64706/347985 Leaks: None Models: Lotz Entities: 'bout 400-500? wAAp :) Textures: 60ish

Texture sources : Quakes 1,2 & 3

                 The Trinity DM project
                 Some scratch built by me, some also edited slightly by me
                 Of course, one or two textures came from 32Smooth :)

Type of patch: New Level. Build time: 5 DAYS! HOLY CRAP MY MIND HAS JUST BURNT OUT!

(Well kinda, it then took me two weeks to find a bug in the map so I could release the dang thing! :P)

Editors used: BSP, MS-DOS EDIT. New levels: 1 Single player: X CO-OP: X Deathmatch : X Teamplay DM: X Team Fortress: YES

New .mdl files: NO (Not unless you count the TF ones :P) New Sounds: YES (Put them in /fortress/sound/harbmaps) New music: NO New skins: NO



None!! Mwahahaha!!! NEVER A BUG IN MY LEVEL!!!


Long live Quake! (Forever & Ever Amen!) Down with poor quality clone games! Down with my enemies! Please?


Leagal stuff:

Not much, I'm not fussy, but there are requirements below:

This file is to be included with the level if it is posted anywhere.

The contents of this file are not to be changed or modified in any way.

This map and file are Copyright (c) Benjamin Skinner 1999.

This map may be used as part of a patch or for part of a campaign, all I ask is that this file is included and the title is unchanged. Try and get in touch with me if you want to do this, and I'll see about sending you the .map file, I'd just like to know where my stuff has gone, that's all.


Coming soon........

Umm, no idea ATM, I'll think of something!

Okay, okay...

Enough adverts already.....


All about me.

I'm the Harb!ngeR, basically a half decent grade player with a set of feindish ideas for levels.

I'm basically the project leader on what has now become the ELF team, a bunch of guys who make free stuff for Quake and post it on the net.

I often 'loan out' my mapping skills to other teams, recent work includes maps for: Street Fighter 2 Quake (1 map) Swarm mod for Half Life (2 maps) StarWars, Duel of the Fates, for Quake (1 map +others requested)

If 'ya like my work, get in touch, I'd love to hear from people, especially if they want to give me lots of cash!


                    º     I am the Harb!ngeR.     º
                    º  Nothing like GoldFinger.   º