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5v5 Tournament Map - Finalized Fall 99 - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • 5v5.bsp: 5v5 Tournament Map - Finalized Fall 99
  • Author: [SS] Gunther
  • Created: 11/08/1999
  • Size: 1.3MB
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium 8-14 players

A standard map made for the MegaTF tournament.

Player Synopsis: The map works normally and under the usual TF. Two bases, a bit like forts. The flag is in the basement, where elevators and guts lead. Elevators are available only for their own and for enemy units. In addition, you can break a hole in the ceiling of the basement. Access to the basement itself will make this easier, but with the flag through this hole it will be difficult to get out.

Player Review: The design of the map is quite pleasant, with a number of interesting elements. That there is only one anti-camper protection for nicks :). The map is quite playable, mentioned in its title compositions. Although, the flag will not carry her away and not just.

From the author:

5v5 Tournament Map

By [SS] Gunther

For the 5v5 Tournament

Special Files: All sounds go in the effects/asylum directory.

All models (.mdl) go in the fortress/progs directory.

Servers need MegaTF 10.30.98 or better to run this map!

There is no playing difference between 9.24.98 and 10.30.98, only map effects.

So if you're running 9.24.98, update to 10.30.98 or better.

History of 5v5:

0.1 -> 0.9: Private [A] testing versions.

1.0: Final release version for spring tournament.

1.1: Prerelease Fall 99 version, private use only.

Changes from 1.0: Demomen get their blast armor back.

Pyros get their fire proof armor back.

Shockproof armor removed.

Det hole time extended from 20 to 45

Removed obsolete welcome sound (6.1.99 does not support it)

Cleaned up the anti-camper entities.

1.2: Current Version. Finalized Fall 99.

Changes from 1.0 Lower time that flag remains on the ground. Allow spies to open enemy elevator doors. Increase time needed for supply points to return. 15 points per capture.

[SS] Gunther

ICQ: 5839392

I retain all rights to this work.