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Archon-X - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • archonx.bsp: Archon-X
  • Author: Endiku
  • Created: 05/14/1998
  • Size: 580K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium 10-26 players

Two underground bases.

Player Synopsis: The outer part, that is, the inter-basin space, consists of land and water in the center. Water can be bypassed from the sides or go over the bridge. The bases themselves have sniper positions that can only be accessed from within. There are two ways to the base, but they are next to each other. In the lower hall, part-time is a flag, you can get on the elevator and through a network of vacuum cleaners. The hall itself, is a nigromation of all kinds of bridges and ramps. The flag is on one of them.

Player Review: The map produces a double impression. Some of its architectural elements are made successfully, while others are on the contrary. From the point of view of decoration, the situation is exactly the same. Playable, but rather an amateur.

From the author:

**** This map designed for the TeamFortress v2.65 quakeC mod **** 5/14/98


Title : Archon-X

Filename : ARCHONX.bsp

Author : Endiku

Email Address :

Description : A really cool CTF style map

Additional credits : Nubian-God for performing a high power VIS : The Exiles for helping me test it : ME MYSELF and I for making it! :

  • Play Information *

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress v2.65 or higher QuakeC patch, which can be downloaded from

Single Player : Not unless you got LOTS of time to waste

Cooperative : The world would be a better place if you were

Deathmatch (2-32) : Only if your brain is this big <-->

TeamFortress (2-32) : Yes, duuuuh

Difficulty Settings : YA i made all the OTHER players harder to beat

: your the only bum who should have a hard time

New Sounds : No

New Graphics : YA, LOTS OF EM!

New Music : Not really... I wrote a sonnet but that was

: like a few years ago... OH you mean in the

: MAP! Ah, well nope none there either

Demos Replaced : None that YOU know of

  • Construction *

Base : New level (structure similar to tourney)

Editor(s) used : qED2

Known Bugs : Not in MY map!!!

Build Time : about a week

Qbsp : 15 Mins

Light : (Extra)about 20 Mins

RVis : (Level 4) about 2 Hours (Transparent Water Vis)

  • Game Play *
 If you dont know how to play a capture the flag/2fortX type of 

map by now (1 day old newbies excluded) then please take the nearest blunt object you can find and do the world a favor.

 Now i've gotten complaints about some of my maps in the past, "endi

i'm loooost" "endi im confused" "endi i've lost feeling in my right side" Well this time no one can complain. All the sections are very different from each other and it's actually a simple design.

A few things to take note of: 1) There are 3 ways IN and 2 ways OUT of the basement. 2) The elevator (one way in and out of the basement) and the area

  around it will suck all cells away. This was done so that sentries
  cannot be used to block the elevator. 
  Pyros, engineers and HW's will be most effected by this as their 
  weapon strenth is diminished byt the loss of cells.

3) The respawn area that starts near the ceiling of the right side of your

  base has a air current that will take you back up top. Also when you
  spawn at this point you CAN fall down without damage by using the 
  platform on the wall below you.

4) To cap the flag take it back to where your own flag rests in the

* Other Info *

This map is a rehash of my old map tourney for any who notice the resemblance. I basically kept only the bridge and the basement but even those were changed, everything else was done new from scratch.

I hope you all have a good time with it, cause thats what its all about

Endiku >X<