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The Beam! (v.2) - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • beam2.bsp: The Beam! (v.2)
  • Author: PA3BPATH & Night Hunter
  • Created: 11/12/2001
  • Size: 645K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Small 8-14 players

A small dynamic map, modified for better playability.

Player Synopsis: Now only grenades of the first type are given in the well. And, one by one, for the passage through the beam. Added a second exit from the top nychki - teleport to the bottom nychku. The sniper's loophole is removed in the lower hole. All doors on the base (except the doors of the wells) are now available to representatives of both teams. In the acid there was a tunnel leading to the teleport, to the balcony. Flaginfo added.

Player Review: An excellent mapc, for clan games in small compositions. Of the minuses, it can be noted except that a bug, with the complete disappearance of the flag from the map, which sometimes has a place on it.

From the author:

  • Russian:

Данная карта является переработкой Beam1 (cм. beam1.txt), карты достаточно интересной и оригинальной, но имеющей некоторые недостатки в плане играбельности. Новая версия намного более приближена к специфике игры в Лиге, а некоторые, реализованные в ней, архитектурные решения, вообще можно назвать уникальными.

Внесенные в данную (от 12.11.01) версию изменения: 1. Верхняя нычка: - Убраны гранаты второго типа - Гранаты первого типа даются теперь по одной, за проход через луч - Добавлен второй выход - телепорт в нижнюю нычку 2. Нижняя нычка: - Закрыта снайперская бойница 3. База: - Все двери, кроме дверей нычек, доступны для игроков обеих команд 4. Улица: - В кислоте сделан туннель, ведущий к телепорту на третий этаж базы, на позицию к снайперам 5. Флаг: - Добавленно флагинфо

  • English Translation:

This map is a processing of Beam1 (see beam1.txt), the map is quite interesting and original, but has some disadvantages in terms of playability. The new version is much closer to the specifics of the game in the League, and some, implemented in it, architectural solutions, in general, can be called unique.

Included in this (from 12.11.01) version of the change: 1. The top nychka: - Grenades of the second type are removed - Grenades of the first type are given now one at a time, through a beam - Added a second output - teleport to the bottom 2. Bottom line: - Sniper's loophole is closed 3. Base: - All doors, except the doors of the wells, are available for players of both teams 4. Street: - In the acid, a tunnel is made leading to the teleport to the third floor of the base, to the position for snipers 5. Flag: - Added flaginfo