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Beer 2, the Love Boat. - Download this map!

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The aim of the teams is to hijack an enemy boat with beer.

Player Synopsis: The map is sharpened for playing in MegaTF, but it works in the usual TF. The bases are separated by water and land along its sides. Each of the bases consists of a number of rooms and corridors in which you can find all sorts of usefulness. On the bases there is a dock, in which there is a boat (supposedly with beer). To steal it, you need to take the flag in it and hold on to it until the boat reaches your base. It is not recommended to jump out of a boat with a flag, as you will die, the flag will return and you cannot get the flag again until the boat returns. :)

Player Review:

From the author:

Beer 2, the Love Boat.

A Mega TF map

by [SS] Gunther

You do NOT have permission to alter this map or its entities! So don't do it!

All sounds go in the sound/misc/ directory.

Note: Mega server version 10.30.98 or later is needed to run this map! There is no difference between 10.30 and 9.24 for players. 10.30 only contains extra sound settings for map makers, which this map needs. It does NOT change 20mm, GL commands, or anything else.

Please upgrade!


This is not a CTF map, this is a CTBB map (Capture the Beer Boat). Your goal is to take the enemy beer boat and ride it back to your base.

When you touch the key in the boat, it starts on its way back to your base.

If you are killed, or fall off the boat, you fail, start over.

15 points to your team if you survive the trip back.

After 5 trips, your team wins the game.

Getting drunk (The real way to score):

Watch what you drink! The fish and BBQ ribs are fine to eat, but too many stops at the beer kegs or dips in the beer vats can waste you.


When you spawn, you spawn with full supplies. (Note: Bug, see below)

The Fish provide full ammo, and a little health and armor.

The nachos provide 2 grenades of each type.

The BBQ can be used by either team, and provides health and armor.

The beer gives out small amounts of health and armor.

Misc info:

You can't go through the doors in the enemy base, but your weapons can.

The pad in the water behind the boat is a defensive teleport out of the water.


1: When you first enter the game, you will NOT spawn with full supplies, but you will when you respawn. I do not know why.

2: Toasters don't like working around the boats.

3: The boats provide odd effects when moving drop1s. Some go with the boat, some stay.

4: Please don't try to get the key while the boat is gone.

5: Scouts are disabled because they can jetjump out of the boat with the key.

Gunther Gunther's New Map Report: