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Canal Zone 2000 - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review

Ported from TFC, a remake of the classic qw-map canalzon. Purpose: to place and retain their flags, on a number of command points, between bases.

Player Synopsis: With the original Canalzon, it has only a general idea. Constructively, this is a completely different map. And I would say that it's only good. At least because the map has now become symmetrical. In addition, it became a little less and much more understandable. Also, the number of command points and flags in the well decreased. Now there are five and three, respectively. Summarizing all the above, we can say that the map has become more playable, for a relatively small number of players.

Player Review: However, all the foregoing is addressed more likely to the author of the TFC-original. However, and the work of QW-mapeymaker deserves all praise. The map was transferred very competently! Graphics do not slow down and are pleasant to the eye, even in software. True, there is one small glitch: you can capture the already captured point (your own flag) in a new way. To put it simply, to lose the flag in this way. It is no coincidence that such a thing is very problematic ... But still, next to the central point, I would recommend that the flag carrier be more careful :).

From the author:

Name: Canal Zone 2000 - Harb!ngeR

Author: The Harb!ngeR of Fish

Email :

WebSite :

.Bsp name: CANALZ2K.BSP

Spec: This is a TF level, a port of TFC canal zone done by me...

               Scratch built, of course.

Level info: I had three days to spare. I built this. In three days.


Thanks to:


Screams of frustration and torment for:


Final comments:

Help me, anybody


Build Machine:

Compile machine:

Total Compile time:

(QBSP) time: 1066 Seconds (ARGHLITE) time: 97 Seconds

(RVISPLUS) time: 471 Seconds

VIS compresion level - 41651/153734

Leaks: None

Models: 73

Entities: 220+

Textures: 61

Type of patch: New Level.

Build time: Three days

Editors used: BSP, MS-DOS EDIT.

New levels: 1

Single player: X


Deathmatch : X

Teamplay DM: X

Team Fortress: YES

New .mdl files: NO

New Sounds: YES (Put them in /sound/harbmaps)

New music: NO

New skins: NO



None!! Mwahahaha!!! NEVER A BUG IN MY LEVEL!!!


Long live Quake! (Forever & Ever Amen!)

Down with poor quality clone games!

Down with my enemies!



Leagal stuff:

Not much, I'm not fussy, but there are requirements below:

This file is to be included with the level if it is posted anywhere.

The contents of this file are not to be changed or modified in any way.

This map and file are Copyright (c) Benjamin Skinner 1999.

This map may be used as part of a patch or for part of a campaign, all I ask is that this file is included and the title is unchanged. Try and get in touch with me if you want to do this, and I'll see about sending you the .map file, I'd just like to know where my stuff has gone, that's all.

If this is distributed on a magazine then I want a free copy of the mag! (Email adress in above) I guess it's only fair?


Coming soon........

Some Q1A maps.

Okay, okay...

Enough adverts already.....


All about me.

I'm the Harb!ngeR, basically a half decent grade player with a set of feindish ideas for levels.

I'm basically the project leader on what has now become the ELF team.

I still play Quake more than Q2 for some reason, though I don't really know why, it's just I love all those dull, easy to kill monsters... And my pet dog Cujo!

If 'ya like my work, get in touch!


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