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Cryptic Forts 1.0 - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • cryptic1.bsp: Cryptic Forts 1.0
  • Author: Inphidel [NOVA]
  • Created: 03/08/1999
  • Size: 600K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Small 8-12 players

Two small forts, original design.

Player Synopsis: The bridge connecting the forts has a somewhat strange design. Obviously, it would be difficult for snipers to steal, for players running on it :). In order to get out of the water, there are special elevators in front of the fort. Each fort consists of two halls, one above the other. Inside, or rather in the upper (ramp) hall, you can only get through the main entrance. Waterway or the ability to jump on horseback, through sniper loopholes, no. In the lower hall, part-time being a flag, you can get in two ways: on a double-gut and through the elevator shaft. The elevator is activated by pressing the button and both commands can use it. In the lower hall, near the well, there is a branch, implying the presence of a water passage. However, in practice it is not realized and it is just a dead end.

Player Review: The map is well thought out architecturally, but it's a little bit confused by design. That is, it is better suited for playing on an Internet server than for serious clan matches. The design itself, by the way, is quite pleasant. That's just an armor in the neces forced-wooden :).

From the author:



Title: Cryptic Forts 1.0

File: cryptic1.bsp

Author: Inphidel[NOVA]

Email Address:

Map Making url

Clan URL: http://www.novamarines.orgPersonal


Previous works: The Darkages [darkage1.bsp]

The Ditch [ditch1.bsp ditch2.bsp]

Description: This map is pretty simple, while all the details to the forts may be confusing at first. its just 2 small forts with a bridge in the middle.

gameplay: This is a very fastpaced level. tho its designed for small matches it can accomidated a large one. all you do is get the flag from the enemy basment and cap it on your sniper decks. pretty basic.

to install: put the two .WAV files in fortress/sound/misc

      		put the cryptic1.bsp in your fortress/maps

that should about do it.


Play Information

Single Player No

Cooperative: Yes - TF only

Capture the Flag: Yes - TF only

Deathmatch: No

Team Fortress: Yes

New Models: No

New Sounds: No

New Graphics: No

New Music: No

Mega TF Entities: No


ConstructionBase: New level from scrach

Editor: Qoole

Know Bugs: None

Build Time: 1 weeks

Qbsp: 2 minutes.

Light: 2 minutes.

Rvis: 35 minutes.