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Dam 2 - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • dam2.bsp: Dam 2
  • Author: Zaka
  • Created: 02/22/2000
  • Size: 950K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium 10-16 players

The second version. Small changes in architecture and design.

Player Synopsis: Changes are most affected inter-base space. There were changed both architecture and textures. Added a rope between the bases, through which you can go from one window to another. The nychki have changed a little, now the enemy who has entered them kills, and for their own there are signs of exit on the walls :).

Player Review: Other minor changes, which went to the map only to the benefit. The map is quite popular in Scandinavia and even played there in the leagues.

From the author:

Dam2 - by Zaka (

Map for Quake - TeamFortress v2.9

Gameplay info:

Basic capture the flag map.

1 cap = 10 team points.

Flag return time = 33 seconds.

Before you can get to the flag you must destroy a generator.

Destroy one of two enemy generators to get enemy flag bars open for 15 seconds.

Each time you destroy a generator the flag bars are open the next 15 seconds.

You can destroy a generator by shooting it. It only takes damage from direct hits.

Explosions won't do any damage to it. For example normal grenade does nothing but rocket does if hit directcly. Detpack does no damage to it.

You can use detpacks to blow up sewer grates.

There are two Armors of resistance in both bases.

They are blast flame kevlar wooden shockproof armors (you take only half of the normal damage).

You can get them once in 10 minutes.

Changes made:

GLQuake´s texture mismatch error should not appear anymore.

Flag bars are now open 15 seconds each time instead of 10 seconds.

Added arrows in spawn areas to help navigating :)

You DIE if you try to enter enemy respawn room.

It is now easier to cross the yard and get to the deck (more routes).

Added two more ladders to sewer.

Two new textures.