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The Darkages (Release 1.1) - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • darkage1.bsp: The Darkages (Release 1.1)
  • Author: Inphidel [NOVA]
  • Created: 08/12/1998
  • Size: 990K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Large 10-18 players

A fairly large U-shaped map. The bases consist of a courtyard and a dungeon.

Player Synopsis: The first map of the author. The design is generally typical for that time, except that the detail is quite large. For example, the spawns are made in the form of small personal rooms, with a bed, shelves and all the rest. Instead of a flag, the opponent needs to grab a crystal. However, with the architecture of the basement, the author, IMHO, a little bit oversimplified. For the first time, there you can get lost :).

Player Review: In general, the map is quite playable, but rather for public than for clan wars.

From the author:



Title: The Darkages (Release 1.1) Updated bug fixed

File: darkage1.bsp

Author: Inphidel[NOVA]

Email Address:

Clan URL:

Personal URL:

Previous works: None

Description: This map is designed for optimum team play and tight defensive

            if played correctly. You have to simply go into the enemy castle,
            retreive the crystal and bring it to your treasure chest located
            on the ramparts in your castle courtyard.
               I have also created a teleport room next to the upstairs spawn
            room, tho only an engineer can access the buttons to teleport
            themselves (there is a 3 second delay) or fellow players.

How to install:

               put the crystal.mdl in your fortress\progs
               put the darkage.bsp in your fortress\maps

Play Information

Single Player No

Cooperative: No

Capture the Flag: No

Deathmatch: No

Team Fortress: Yes

New Models: Yes

New Sounds: No

New Graphics: No

New Music: No

Mega TF Entities: Yes



Base: New level from scrach

Editor: Qoole

Know Bugs: None

Build Time: 2 1/2 weeks

Qbsp: 2hours 30minutes

Light: 5 minutes

Rvis: 4hours 59minutes



-- Bug Fixes --

Airstrike Fixed

Sky was raised and texture changed

Sentrys now work in the bunkers

You can open your own castle front door by walking into it

Detpack ammo now in ammor rooms