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Death Star - sandz edition! - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • deathstr.bsp: Death Star - sandz edition!
  • Author: ] KwK [.dp.
  • Created: 05/26/2002
  • Size: 390K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium 10-16

A cross between well and hardcor, with the addition of a bunch of original ideas.

Player Synopsis: The bases are connected by four wide corridors, a la carte hardcore. The internal parts of the bases are made on motives wella. And, very original and interestingly made. It seems that everything is familiar, but at the same time - different. For example, there is no water as such, but there is a corridor closed by it, from which (with certain skills) you can jump out. There is no bridge, but there are frames with which you can jump no worse than with ropes. Lattices on the flagship window, too, not, but the flag itself is deeper, and through the window back with the flag you can not leave ... And so on.

Player Review: With all this, the architecture of the map is very well thought out. That is, it's not just an alteration on the principle, if only to remake, but really a competently made map that is not inferior to its prototypes. That's just, the textures originally designed only for GL and under the software the card looks too gray. If it were not for this, it would be generally super.

From the author:

Death Star - sandz edition!

by ]KwK[.dp.

this has the flags higher up so the offence has to work a little harder to get them, suggested by sandz

map info:

put the bsp in fortress\maps

Its basically a rip off of well6 and h4rdcore since i cant come up with any good ideas myself.

The maps pretty self explanatory, cept the teleporter could confuse some ppl. The bars open when someone pushes one of those buttons, so if you use the enemy teleporter you cant get out unless someone on the outside (or in the resupply room) presses one of the buttons (oh no, coordination on attack, run away screaming h4rdcore fans).

You cap behind your own tower.

Make sure the map is played with rj 1 (if anyone can rj up to the catwalk with one rocket on rj1 let me know) No copyright notices, edit whatever you want, but please dont make the flag droppable (flag dropping + high flag area = gay)

yeah, let me know what you think.

thanks to:

twisted, el-jimzo, mercury, lordy and sandz

some random numbers:

flag return is 40 seconds

bars stay open for 15 seconds