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Disorder - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • disorder.bsp: Disorder
  • Author: Domestic Terror
  • Created: 08/04/2002
  • Size: 510K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Small 4-10 players

A simple little map.

Player Synopsis: Two-story bases separated by a small courtyard. The interior of the bases is a small hall. The flag is on the second floor, in a small flagship, at the end of the hall. To get to the second floor by feet, it is possible only through one of the two teleports, which are in the far corners of the hall. Well, you can jump on it at all everywhere. Here, only the height there is somewhat larger than that given by a simple rj. So, either you have to jump two (the second from the wall), or else on anything. The points are four and all are close to the entrance to the base, along the sides of both floors. They are located openly and can be refueled only near the two lower ones.

Player Review: Design and architecture are quite good and stylish enough. In addition, the map is designed for a steep GL and includes a corresponding .lit file. Well, those who do not think so, can download the author's (!) 24-bit textures (2.2 MB). In terms of playability, the map is normal. Not that it would be super, but without obvious blunders ... Reminds me a little of 2mach1 :).

From the author:

You are reading the disorder.bsp readme file.

This is a small QWTF CTF map designed for about 4 to 8 players.

It took about 2 days to complete. It uses the ikbaseq3.wad and q1rad.exe light compiler. a .lit file is included for clients that support colored lighting.

If anybody uses this map, or if anybody finds errors let me know. I might even do something abut it :)

Also if somebody hosts a server with this map PLEASE let me know. Id definately log on.

My name is Kieran but you can call me.. The Domestic Terrorist!

K thats it... enjoy!