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Evil Castles - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • ecastle1.bsp: Evil Castles
  • Author: TheNameless [TKN]
  • Created: 02/13/1999
  • Size: 350K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Small 10-14 players

Small, simple in architecture map. The design is slightly gloomy (see title).

Player Synopsis: The bases are half flooded with water. Between the bases, in the center of the field is a wall with a central gate. Two land routes and one underwater route lead to the base. Corridor to flagroom two, but they both bifurcate before the flag itself. Although the flag itself is not close, it will be difficult to keep it. Touchdown is in the central well. Also, bonfires on the turrets burn :).

Player Review:

From the author:

This map designed for the TeamFortress QuakeC mod. This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress v2.9 QuakeC patch, which can be downloaded from or from


Title : Evil Castles

Files :


Author : A. Schultz - MwhahahA, TheNameless[TKN]-J--C-

Email Address :

Web Page :

Description : Small 4v4, 5v5, or 6v6 TeamFortress capture the Flag. Steal the enemy flag and run back to your base and cap it.

Other maps : dbox1, dbox1a, dbox2, cts(insert lots of versions here) -=[------------------------------------------------------------------]=-

Single Player : No

Cooperative : No

Deathmatch : No

TeamFortress : Yes

Difficulty Settings : No

New Sounds : Yes

New Graphics : No

New Music : No

Base : Nothing

Editor(s) used : WorlCraft 1.6, Ented

Known Bugs : None that I know of...

Build Time : A few weeks on and off. Maybe 10 hours total

Qbsp :

Light : 17.0 seconds

Vis : 127.0 seconds

Level vised for GL : newp -=[------------------------------------------------------------------]=-

Playin`: Capeth the flageth. Get the flag, run back to the room in your base behind the doors and cap the flag. Also controling your health and armor is a must. Grenades can be picked up from the rocket packages int he cap room.

Credits: Null from Fifth Element and SailorScout from WolvesMoon for looking over the map and giving me comments.

(c)Copyright 1998 by A. Schultz All rights reserved. Modification of entities by author's permission only. Use for new level by author's permission only ( Distribution via internet for TF gameplay on quake TF servers is granted without charge and at own risk, as long as this text file is included.