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Fort0rz - The Infiltration - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • fort0rz2.bsp: Fort0rz - The Infiltration
  • Author: Orion (Eddie Wong)
  • Created: 08/22/1999
  • Size: 645 KB
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium

The second version. The bridge became wider.

Player Synopsis:

Player Review: It seems that something is mined in the wells. The changes made pursued the only goal - to improve playability. At first glance, they are all quite logical.

From the author:

    *** This map was designed for TeamFortress v2.8/2.9 ***

"Rot and assimilate..."

    - Maximize this screen to avoid word wrapping errors -

Title/Worldspawn text : Fort0rz - The Infiltration : [Version 2.0] : By Orion : []

Filename : fort0rz2.bsp

Version : v2.0 [22/08/99]

Author : Orion [Eddie Wong] Email Address :

Description : An Infiltration (offence/defence) map. More details below.

Homepage :

Official Download URLs : :

New features : Read the 'Revision Info' section

  • Play Information *

Single Player : No Cooperative : No Deathmatch : No TeamFortress : 32-player limit, suits 8-24 players Difficulty Settings : No New Sounds : No New Textures : Yes New Music : Plays CD Track 6 Demos Replaced : None

  • Construction *

Base : 2fort5 (by TF Software) Callisto (by me)

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 1.6 Registered : EntEd 2.0 Registered

Build Time : 4 weeks for v1.0 2 weeks extra for v2.0

Build Details : QBSP std compile - 03 min 02 sec : LIGHT extra compile - 05 min 19 sec : RVIS level 4 compile - 02 min 42 sec

: Total compile time - 11 min 03 sec

Level vised for GL : Yes

  • Installation *

Files in this archive:

fort0rz2.bsp - The map. fort0rz2.txt - You're reading it now. rules.txt - How to play (identical to the "How to play" section below) cap1.wav - Cap sound file.

Unzip fort0rz2.bsp into your fortress\maps directory. Unzip cap1.wav into your fortress\sound\items directory if you don't already have it. Don't forget to read fort0rz2.txt (or rules.txt).

  • How to Play and Other Details *

Fort0rz - The Infiltration is an offence/defence or 'Infiltration' map. If you don't know how an offence/defence map works, or if this is your first time playing Fort0rz - The Infiltration, or if you just need to recap on how to play - then READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY!

How to play

CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS RELEASE - Rules modified since v1.0 SR2:

Flag return time - Increased to 60 seconds Defence team score - Increased to 5 points Medikits - Wait reduced to 5 seconds Infiltrators now get some health with ammo pickup

BLUE TEAM - This is the Infiltration or Offence Team. Your task is to grab the flag located in the basement of the Defence Team's fort, then take it to the Command Centre located in your barracks. Obviously, you'll have to face large amounts of enemy gunfire on the way in... and on the way out! Teamwork and communication is necessary to score.

RED TEAM - This is the Defence Team. Your task is to stop the Infiltration Team from grabbing your flag and capturing it. Easy enough? Don't hold your breath... you won't score any points unless that flag is on that pad in that basement!

SPAWNING - Each team spawns within their respective 'bases'. The Defenders hold a fort similar in layout to the original 2fort5 fort, with the appropriate respawn and resupply rooms. The Infiltrators hold a 'barracks' with respawn areas being a rooftop respawn above the resupply room, and an outside canyon area with pipe access to the barracks.

GAMEPLAY AREAS - The Defence Team's territory extends across the water to just beyond the bridge. DEFENDERS CANNOT ENTER THE INFILTRATORS' BASE. If any Defenders cross the invisible boundary - they are killed, simple as that. The Infiltrators have full rein of the map excluding specific Defender respawn and resupply rooms.

SCORING - For each period of 60 seconds (1 minute) that the flag remains on the pad in the basement, the Defence Team gains 5 team points. If the flag is elsewhere on the map, or is being carried by an Infiltrator, the Defence Team will not gain any points. Once the flag returns to the pad, the timer is reset to 60 seconds. The Infiltration Team gains 10 team points for each successful flag capture. Note: If Indi-Frags mode is enabled, the capping player on the Infiltration side gains an extra 2 frags.

LAYOUT - The map is essentially a made-over 2fort5, with the absence of a Blue fort.

MISCELLANEOUS - Other miscellaneous tidbits:

Ammo - Ammo 'dispensers' are found in every resupply area, with a respawn time of 2 seconds. Look for wall-based pads with a hand etched into them.

Medikits - There are medikit 'dispensers' in every resupply area. In the case of the Infiltration team, medikits are located in the Infirmary. These dispensers 'respawn' after 5 seconds. Look for wall-based pads with medikit signs on them.

Grenades - Gren1s can be found in every resupply area. However, to limit Gren2 spam, Gren2s are only available from the BASEMENT resupply room (for the Defence team), and from the COMMAND CENTRE (for the Infiltration team). Grenades respawn after 5 seconds.

Armour - Armour is found in every resupply area, with a respawn time of 2 seconds.

Detpacks - There are no respawning detpacks.

The flag - 60 seconds after it is dropped by an Infiltrator, it will return to the basement.

TIPS AND SECRETS - Build up your own stockpile of tips and playing methods (like suitable defence/infiltration classes, etc). A word about secrets: there are none in this version.

Happy fragging! Eddie "Orion" Wong July 1999 Revised August 1999

Revision info

Version 1.0 Released 9 July 1999 LIGHT: extra VIS: level 4

- Initial release, complete with info on 'How to play'. - This version does not work in GL mode (crashes with 'AllocBlock: full' error).


Version 1.0 Service Release 1 Released 11 July 1999 LIGHT: normal VIS: level 4

- Scoring revised. Timer also now checks to see if flag is in basement, and awards points accordingly. - Rules.txt updated with new scoring method. - Cap1.wav added to archive. Place it in fortress\sound\items directory. - Map recompiled. Also fixes the GL 'AllocBlock' bug.


Version 1.0 Service Release 2 Released 12 July 1999 LIGHT: extra VIS: level 4

- Every 60 seconds (1 minute), the Defence team gains 2 points for defending. - These 2 points are awarded ONLY IF THE RED FLAG IS ON THE PAD IN THE BASEMENT. - If the flag is moved, and then returned to the pad, the timer will reset to 60 seconds. - Added a team selection screen (hooray!) that you'll see at startup. - Added a message for Infiltrators that displays whenever the Defenders gain points. - Changed the filename to fort0rz1.bsp, map version to v1.0 SR2.


Version 2.0 Released 22 August 1999 LIGHT: extra VIS: level 4

- Bridge has been widened by 128 units. - Light intensities have been reduced. The map is now a lot darker. - Water entry has been added for the Infiltrators. - Main ramp room now has thinner ramps. - Medikit dispensers now respawn health faster (hooray!) - Scoring and rules revised. The flag return time has been increased to 60 seconds. - As a result, Defence now gains 5 points every 60 seconds of solid defence. - Cap timer actually resets (hooray!) with every successful capture. - Armour benches in the Defence upper respawns have been moved further away from the medikit dispensers. - Defence-only doors now close quicker to avoid spammage. - Main resupplies for Infiltrators now give out health as well as ammo, allowing for quicker restocks. - Better goal and entity checking. - Defenders shouldn't be able to gjump past the trigger_hurt entities anymore. - Some defunct respawn points were removed. - A lot of other minor changes here and there.


Thanks to

- Contributors for v2.0

- The general NZTF community

- The TF Maps Sentry

- John Cook at TF Software/VALVe LLC (for not replying to my email, among other things,

 such as making the game we all know as TF!)

- id Software (when's Q3A gonna be out, guys?)

  • Copyright *

Copyright © 1999 Eddie Wong All rights reserved

Usage of Fort0rz - The Infiltration as a base for a new level is prohibited without the author's permission.

Usage of Fort0rz - The Infiltration as part of a commercial project is prohibited without the author's permission.

Distribution of Fort0rz - The Infiltration via the Internet for TF gameplay on Quake TF servers is granted without charge and at own risk, as long as this text file is included.

Distribution of Fort0rz - The Infiltration on commercial media is prohibited without the author's permission.

  • Compile info *


    • Executing...
    • Command: Copy File
    • Parameters: "C:\PROGRA~1\WORLDC~1\FORT0RZ\" "c:\games\quake\id1\maps\"

    • Executing...
    • Command: C:\Program Files\WorldCraft\qtools\Qbsp.exe
    • Parameters: c:\games\quake\id1\maps\FORT0RZ2

outputfile: c:\games\quake\id1\maps\FORT0RZ2.bsp --- LoadMapFile --- c:\games\quake\id1\maps\

1031 brushes
 249 entities
  43 miptex
 181 texinfo

building hulls sequentially... --- Brush_LoadEntity --- 929 brushes read

CSGFaces ----

5980 brushfaces

17859 csgfaces

4413 mergedfaces

--- SolidBSP ---

6939 split nodes
3244 solid leafs
3696 empty leafs
   0 water leafs

13185 leaffaces 12085 nodefaces

portalize ----

--- FillOutside --- 4228 outleafs --- SolidBSP ---

2748 split nodes
1574 solid leafs
1175 empty leafs
   0 water leafs
7907 leaffaces
6893 nodefaces

4214 outleafs 5782 outleafs --- MergeAll --- 3732 mergefaces writing c:\games\quake\id1\maps\FORT0RZ2.prt MODEL: *1 MODEL: *2 MODEL: *3 MODEL: *4 MODEL: *5 MODEL: *6 MODEL: *7 MODEL: *8 MODEL: *9 MODEL: *10 MODEL: *11 MODEL: *12 MODEL: *13 MODEL: *14 MODEL: *15 MODEL: *16 MODEL: *17 MODEL: *18 MODEL: *19 MODEL: *20 MODEL: *21 MODEL: *22 MODEL: *23 --- FinishBSPFile --- WriteBSPFile: c:\games\quake\id1\maps\FORT0RZ2.bsp added 0 texture frames

1772 planes        35440
8154 vertexes      97848
2272 nodes         54528
 181 texinfo        7240
5809 faces        116180
5527 clipnodes     44216
1277 leafs         35756
7625 marksurfaces  15250

28658 surfedges 57316 14403 edges 57612

  43 textures     429276
     lightdata         0
     visdata           0
     entdata       28310
    • Executing...
    • Command: C:\Program Files\WorldCraft\qtools\Light.exe
    • Parameters: -extra c:\games\quake\id1\maps\FORT0RZ2

LightFaces ----

extra sampling enabled 249 entities read lightdatasize: 291894 0 switchable light styles 319.0 seconds elapsed

    • Executing...
    • Command: C:\Program Files\WorldCraft\qtools\Rvis.exe
    • Parameters: c:\games\quake\id1\maps\FORT0RZ2

vis ----

1138 portalleafs 3093 numportals average leafs visible: 80 c_chains: 1900378 visdatasize:28979 compressed from 162734 162.0 seconds elapsed