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FOV Forts (Version 1.1) - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review

Sniper-only map

Player Synopsis: Architecturally it is a remake of a sniprwar card, but executed in the style of fort0rz.

Player Review: A good remake, a good card. Stylish and playable. And what, in fact, is still needed? :)

From the author:

    *** This map was designed for TeamFortress v2.8/2.9 ***

"And then there was nothing more..."

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Title/Worldspawn text : FOV Forts : [v1.1] : By Orion []

Filename : fovforts.bsp

Version : Version 1.1 [12/11/99]

Author : Orion [Eddie Wong] Email Address :

Map type : Sniper Wars

Other maps by author : Fort0rz - The Infiltration [fort0rz2.bsp] : The Machine [unreleased] : Callisto [unreleased]

Homepage :

Official Download URLs : - n/a -

New features : - n/a -

Thanks to

- Mr. Manson and Hellhound for being l33t snip0rz

  • Play Information *

Single Player : No Cooperative : No Deathmatch : No TeamFortress : Sniper Wars Only Difficulty Settings : No New Sounds : No New Textures : Yes New Music : Plays CD Track 7 Demos Replaced : None

  • Construction *

Base : From scratch : With reference to sniprwar.bsp : Front fort architecture from 'Fort0rz' : Textures from 'The Machine'

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 1.6 Registered : EntEd 2.0 Registered

Build Time : 7 hours

Build Details : QBSP std compile 2 sec : LIGHT std compile 20 sec : RVIS level 4 compile 6 sec

: Total compile time 28 sec

Level vised for GL : Yes

  • Installation *

Files in this archive:

fovforts.bsp - The map. fovforts.txt - You're reading it now.

Unzip fovforts.bsp into your id1\maps or fortress\maps directory.

Run QuakeWorld and connect to the server.

  • How to Play and Other Details *

Two forts, two levels per fort, third eyes galore! This map is for all the l33t snip0rz out there. Enjoy.

Happy fragging! Eddie "Orion" Wong November 1999

Revision info

Version 1.0 Released 11 November 1999 LIGHT: normal VIS: level 4

- First public release.

Version 1.1 Released 12 November 1999 LIGHT: extra VIS: level 4

- Distance between forts increased. - Class selection menu modified. - LIGHT recompiled.

  • Copyright *

Copyright © 1999 Eddie Wong All rights reserved

Usage of FOV Forts as a base for a new level is prohibited without the author's permission.

Usage of FOV Forts as part of a commercial project is prohibited without the author's permission.

Distribution of FOV Forts via the Internet for TF gameplay on Quake TF servers is granted without charge and at own risk, as long as this text file is included.

Distribution of FOV Forts on commercial media is prohibited without the author's permission.