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The Interesting Object War - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • intobj.bsp: The Interesting Object War
  • Author: Airswing [TDA]
  • Created: 01/22/1998
  • Size: 580KB
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Large 14-24 players

A large, but not very complex map.

Player Synopsis: The flag is in a hefty barrel with acid. Touchdown - for this barrel, but already, respectively, at its base. The base consists of two halls: near and far. Mebzazovoye space is large enough and heaped up by design. There are also side corridors, bypassing the field.

Player Review: A good and fairly original map, for a large number of players. Nice design, in pure Q1 style.

From the author:

The Interesting Object War By Airswing of Clan [TDA]

Where to find me... (to prove I actully exist :P) IRC: #quake

First Team Fortress Map. Yay!

How it works:

 - The object to steal is in the vat of slime located in the rear of their
   base. There is a envirosuit next to the walkway so you can take a dip
   without the added extras of pain.
 - Return the object to the rear of your base in the door behind your vat
   of slime. Go into the funky glowing analyser and earn yourself 10 points.
 - That dirt walkway in between the two bases isnt very stable. A high
   explosive device <COUGH> detpack <COUGH> could case a bit of damage.....

Go get 'em! :)