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Lava Mania - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review

Player Synopsis:

Player Review: Fast map for a small number of players. Despite the name, there are not so many lavas on it. The bases are made in the form of two-story fortresses. The main entrance and the elevator from the roof lead in. The elevator lifts only its own, so that enemies can simply jump into it. Both entrances / exits lead to the main hall. The doors of both whales go out into it and from it lead two corridors to the flagship. The left corridor is a large intestine leading to the first floor of the flagroom, and the right one is just a short corridor to its second floor. The flag itself lies in the far corner of the room, on a small island. The space in front of the island is filled with lava, from which it is impossible to climb out. Two narrow beams are thrown across the lava, along which you can reach the flag and back. Touchdown is located in the main hall, on an island in the center of a small puddle with lava. In general, everything is extremely simple and clear. Design is also from the series: simple, but tasteful. As I said at the very beginning, the map is fast. And the point here is not only in the small distance between the bases. The corridors to the flagroom are quite wide, so reliably blocking them will be very problematic. Much easier, will drown past opponents in the lava. It is advisable immediately with the flag :).

From the author: Original Release: 10/7/00

lmania.bsp --------> quake\fortress\maps\

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bfield.wav --------> quake\fortress\sound\items\


Title : Lava Mania

Filename : lmania.bsp

Author : K.Remmelzwaal

Nick Name : The Shadowmaster

Email Address :

Description : A Quick and Simple Team Fortress Map

Thanks to : The creators of Team Fortress, ID Software and

XCOM for given me some support.

  • Play Information *

Single Player : If you want to look around.

Cooperative : Not much use.

Deathmatch : No Deathmatch spawn points

Team Fortress : Yep, what it's really meant for.

  • Construction *

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft, QuArk

Build Time : 1.5 week (testing not included)

Compile machine : Pentium 533, 128MB RAM

QBSP Time : 10 sec.

Light Time : 33 sec.

VIS Time : 42 sec.