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Longhall - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review

Player Synopsis:

Player Review: The bases themselves are a large ramp room. There are really many ramps in this room. From them you get the flagship, a very original design. Without using sprays, the card is weakly playable, because the corridors are well locked by snipes. With jumps, the path from base to base is much faster and you can already play. Corridors are not very narrow and not very convenient for spamming with long-playing grena. The idea was not bad enough, but for better playability, you could add a couple more longhols, say, on the sides of the second floor.

From the author: LongHall by [uk jezus]/Nick Kiefel

map type: team fortress capture the flag style, two teams.

tnx to: id software, team fortress software, qoole, worldcraft, ented folks.