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Mini No Heros - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • mininoheros.bsp: Mini No Heros
  • Author: Kris (Microlitre)
  • Created: 04/24/2000
  • Size: 340K
  • Info: CTF, Quad, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Small 4-8 players

Officially, this is a smaller version of No Heros. But really - a completely different map.

Player Synopsis: The map is really small. But the general, with its predecessor, it is clearly not dense. In all: textures, and the concept of flagship architecture. The gameplay is also different - it has become usual.

Player Review: The architecture is thought out not so hot, as the map turned out to be absolutely uninteresting. Although, and quite playable. Relatively recently, the map was ported by the author under Q3F, which is why she became famous.

From the author:

                 TeamFortress v2.8 Quake Map


================= Map Information ==================
Title       : No Heros	
Filename    :
Author      : Kris (Microlitre)
Map Idea    : Ky (Lil Ba$tard)

Email       :
Description : Mini No Heros. Flag ents are 2fort style normal scoring system.
================= Play Information ==================

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress QuakeC patch, which can be downloaded from or from

Single Player     : No
Cooperative       : No
Deathmatch        : No
TeamFortress      : Yes
New Sounds        : No
New Graphics      : No
New Models        : No
New Music         : No
Transparent Water : No it raises r_speeds too much for my liking and this has some
                    fairly high r-speeds already
================= Construction ==================
Base              : Scratch
Editors used      : WorldCraft, EntEd, BSP2Wad 
Known Bugs        : None. Let me know if you find anything you think is off or weird. The flags are off but thats just how it has to be. I could not get them centered :(~
Construction Time : about 2 days on and off
Compile Computer  : P2 300 96meg RAM
level 4 vis         18 secs
light               20 secs
bsp 		     31 secs

================= Installation ==================
This archive contains 4 files.
       ========Basic ========
       Put these in fortress\maps

It includes the tfstan.mdl for the flag put this in fortress\progs

================= Game Play ==================

This is a TeamFortress "TEAM!!!" map.

There are 2 teams, RED and BLUE (original concept, eh?)


      Cap like normal! On the checkerboard pad in your flag room for 10 team frags.

================= Misc Information ==================

Thanks go out to TFS ( for making TeamFortress, id Software ( for Quake, Rastlan for EntEd Geoff Phillips for bsp2wad "nice nice proggy" Textures may be from quake2, and various other maps, most likely sewer1 by the best mapmaker out there eVSomeone, and nmtrees by Matmat. The man with the the best TF1 map site "the TF Maps Sentry" If I left out someones name for an original texture I am sorry send me an e-mail and I will get your name in a revision. Big thanks to my Bro Lil B. for the map idea, scoring concept and all around input!! Thanks to RubberDuckie for playtesting help and promotion:). Thanks to the DOE at one kick ass map makers site! Thanks to Sailorfrag for his Ented tutorials...shwew I was lost until I found his site. This is my ninth map. Special thanks to Freebium and his TeamFortress 1on1 map archive I think everyone in TF owes Freebium a big thanks for all his work.

                 selfless promotion

my other maps:

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                No Heros CTF TF map with kick ass scoring system :)

These maps are available at and fileplanet.

(c)copyright 1999 Kris Palmer - can use this file however they choose. otherwise please keep this zip intact as is.