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Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • topain.bsp: Temple of Pain
  • Author: Aphasia
  • Created: 2017
  • Size: 783kb
  • Info: Keep Away, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium

Player Synopsis: Enter the Temple of Pain - if you dare.

Player Review:

From the Author:

Recently unearthed from the snow and ice in Antarctica your team has uncovered what appears to be an impossibility - a South-American style pyramid! Who built it? Why is it here? Before you can find out, you learn that a second team, hot on your heels, has uncovered a second strange pyramid nearby. The race is on to discover the secrets - but what's inside? What are you willing to do to claim this discovery for your side? Will you fight for it? Will you fight to the DEATH for it?

If you dare - enter the Temple of Pain! The map that tries to KILL YOU back!

This is a brand-new "keep away" style map that can be played by large or small groups - even though the area inside is large, it's easily traversed. This was done specifically so that in the event of 1-on-1 style dueling, when a player dies there is adequate time and space to randomize the circumstances of the next engagement. You'll never just be thrown at each other "in the ring" to discover who's quickest with a rocket. The idea here is to play the strengths of each class and each player, even if duelling, by providing OPTIONS. There are multiple exits from the landing zone, and multiple dividers immediately after that to obscure your movement decisions. This would be an excellent map for "quads" or structured games, too - you could even take turns in a 3-on-1 match-up just by controlling who goes inside the pyramid... those not fighting can just stand outside until the previous fellow dies, then hop in.

Give it a try!