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Player Synopsis: Merry Christmas from Clan Moose!

Player Review:

From the Author:


The objective, as with every holiday season, is to FIGHT TO THE DEATH to have MORE PRESENTS UNDER YOUR TREE than the other guy!

In this map, players begin with a mad dash to The Mall to pickup last-minute Christmas gifts... but there's just one problem: SUPPLIES ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED. Get what you can and rush it back to your house, placing each package under the tree! The longer you keep them there, the more points you will earn.

But the Red & Blue teams aren't the only ones shopping at The Mall. It seems Santa may have had a little trouble procuring that EXTRA SPECIAL gift this year, too! You'll have to track him down to get what might be THE LAST FURBY ANYWHERE to put below the tree.

Old School

The idea behind this came from DyerMaker's Unholy Kingdoms map, but we went a little crazy with the idea -- upping it from just 1 goal item on each side to four total on the map that could be placed under either side's Christmas tree. It was also one of the first few to utilize MegaTF's newly added custom ambient/random sounds and SNOW. (In ezQuake, the falling snow that is coming down the chimneys of each house looks like bubbles, which kind of sucks, but the idea is still cool.)


This map was thought lost forever to the sands of time until we discovered it archived along with hundreds of others in Haze's huge collection. Thank you thank you to Haze again for finding it.