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What is the sample model pak?

Here is a starter collection of higher quality replacement models & textures for the various vweps (hand held weapons), bmodels (map models such as ammo and armor), and other models (grenades, drops) in MegaTF. It is a simple plug and play method to start playing with replacement models right away. No content was created by me, it is simply a collection from other sources (eg. You can modify the Pak contents in any way, pick and choose what items you like. But beware when doing so you'll need an understanding of which models are associated with which texture. If you remove the model and not the texture, you'll have a "high res" texture on a different model, and they will not fit properly.



See your clients documentation. The most surefire way is to unzip mtfpak.pak file into your ../quake/fortress/ directory and rename it to the next PAK in sequence. Eg. if you have pak0.pak, pak1.pak, rename pakmtf.pak to pak2.pak.

Screenshots (circa 2010)