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What are comms?

Comms are a set of CFG files that allow you to communicate efficiently with your team. When you enter the server you either choose to execute the offense cfg or the defense cfg depending on what position you will be playing. They each have binds that you must setup beforehand, it will take a bout 2 minutes to setup. These binds allow you to communicate efficiently with your team, for example letting them know about incoming enemies, or where you dropped the enemy flag, or the sentry gun you just built. On public servers it may help bring some cohesion to your team, however they were mainly used for organized matches. Nevertheless they are still nice to have.

The following comms were created by King and modified by Haze, July 2010. They are provided as-is and your experience may vary depending on the version of Mega TF played. They have not been updated in a long time but still work for the most part to this day.


  • LED status update in name (colored indication of your health status)
  • Sound system for some communication binds. (Took Flag, Attacking, Flag in Danger, Base Secure etc.)
  • Automated Frag/Death reporting with frag based sound system.
  • Automated Reporting for drops (ex. When/where someone is proxied/infected/magnet mined etc.)
  • Automated Enemy sentrygun reporting
  • Automated Sentry/Tesla build reporting
  • Automated Took/Dropped Flag reporting
  • Automated Ammo discarding (Non-Essential Ammo Drop On Weapon Change)
  • Engage script (indicates what class you are fighting and where)
  • Map recognition including location (.loc) files
  • Team Status Requesting (Requests an automated status report from any teammate using these comms (their health/class/location))
  • Quick toggles for turning off any automated feature.



From the readme:

  • unzip into ../quake/fortress/
    • cfg files must go into ../quake/fortress/
    • sound _folder_ must be in ../quake/fortress/ (eg. ../quake/fortress/sound/)
  • unzip locs to ../quake/fortress/locs/
  • open onoff.cfg and ondef.cfg and edit your name, options, and binds, until you see the "----STOP!!"
  • join server and execute either config file. (eg. exec onoff.cfg) <--- it's nice to have a simple bind for these

TODO: More detailed description of features w/ screenshots