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Full Config Sets

On a TeamFortress server, every time you spawn a corresponding config file will automatically be launched matching the class you've spawned as. These are:

scout.cfg, sniper.cfg, soldier.cfg, demoman.cfg, medic.cfg, hwguy.cfg, pyro.cfg, spy.cfg, engineer.cfg and civilian.cfg

Additionally, if you have certain commands you want only run during certain maps, you can create a map config specific to that map, too. For example: 2fort5r.cfg

Aphasia's Starter Config Set

The idea behind my configs was to capitalize on the fact that no matter what client you were using, TF would always launch the class config first. So, if I wanted to make a bunch of commands execute universally, I would have to add them to the top of my class configs. So, each class config starts by executing "globals.cfg" which is a master config of any binds, from movement to graphics options, that I want set no matter what. Then, each class config goes on to define or redefine how I want things set up for that particular class.

All you have to do is drop the contents of this zip into your quake/fortress/ directory, and no matter what client you're using or how it has been set up previously, when you connect to a TF server, these scripts will all run properly.