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The Ditch V1.2 - Download this map!

Image Map Info Player Synopsis/Review
  • ditch2.bsp: The Ditch V1.2
  • Author: Inphidel[NOVA]
  • Created: 11/20/1998
  • Size: 730K
  • Info: CTF, 2 Teams
  • Map Size: Medium 10-16 players

Several architectural changes have been made to improve playability.

Player Synopsis: Changed the algorithm of the buttons, in the second pass to the flag. Now, when the button is pressed, the grating closest to it is opened, not the far one, as it was before. On the field, next to the watchtower, an elevator is made, on which you can climb out of the water. In general, useful and completely logical additions.

Player Review:

From the author:



Title: The Ditch V1.2

File: ditch2.bsp

Author: Inphidel[NOVA]

Email Address:

Clan URL:

Personal URL:

Previous works:

            The Darkage [darkage1.bsp]
            The Ditch V1.0 [ditch1.bsp]


            Basicly there is 2 forts side by side to eachother with a
            mountain separating them, your mission is to retreave the
            flag from there basment storage area. <how original eh?>
            and bring it to the capture point located on top of your base
            where the sniper nests and cannons are.

to install:

            put the enemy.wav in your fortress\sound\misc
            put the cappin1.wav in your fortress\sound\items
            put the ditch1.bsp in your fortress\maps

that should about do it.


(added) a way out the water without needing to enter the fortress.

(changed) the gateway through the lava to the flag for easyer access.


Play Information

Single Player No

Cooperative: No

Capture the Flag: No

Deathmatch: No

Team Fortress: Yes

New Models: No

New Sounds: Yes

New Graphics: No

New Music: No

Mega TF Entities: No



Base: New level from scrach

Editor: Qoole

Know Bugs: None

Build Time: 1 weeks

Qbsp: 15 minutes.

Light: 2 minutes.

Rvis: 20 minutes.